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I’m absolutely over the moon as I share with you all, the news of the arrival of my first child – baby boy Aran. Suddenly there’s an abundance of everything in my life – joy, chores, love, responsibility, celebrations.

Everything, except time. “Time is always against us!” warned Morpheus in the 1999 movie, The Matrix, and I laughed at him then. Not so much now. And so within the blink of an eye, 2017 came to a glorious end and the New Year heralded yet another MLL, this time in Bangalore, with the theme of “Walls & Bridges – Exploring Boundaries and Relationships”. Insightful as the learner-centric process at the MLL always is, the focus on walls and bridges was especially relevant for me as a newborn(‘s) parent. Sarmishta’s piece on the experience of MLL 2018 brings to life what it was like to partake in this unique event. In addition to the rich learning, the MLL has set the stage for the ITAA-SAATA conference that is scheduled to bring together Transactional Analysts from around the world to Kochi in August 2018. The deadline for Early Bird 1” registrations is Feb 18th. Come, let’s waltz alongside the Dance of Culture in God’s own country.

I’m also thrilled to announce monetary contributions that SAATA has received recently. Susan George has contributed INR 100,000/- as an endowment fund to be used for appreciating contributors to the SAATA Newsletter and Journal (SAJTA). The guidelines for the usage of this fund are currently being worked out, and will be published on the SAATA website once ready. Annie Cariappa and Sailaja Manacha have contributed INR 75,000/- towards setting up a SAATA library in Bangalore. Susan, Annie and Sai, thank you for your generosity.

2017 was a year of stupendous achievement for SAATA as a record 19 trainees were awarded the SAATA Diploma. A cherry on top of this cake was the first-ever SAATA Advanced Diploma awarded to Deepak Dhananjaya. Read all about it and more in Chitra Ravi's comprehensive report on Training & Examinations for the year 2017. Hearty congratulations to all the successful examinees! May this year see more work coming the way of the diligent SAATA exam markers!

If you’re an exam aspirant, this issue is as mouth-watering as it can get! For starters, our first-ever overseas contributor Karolina Jovanoska, from Ljubljana, Slovenia presents to you, a written piece on her CTA journey and what made it rewarding! The main course comprises an audio conversation (another first-ever!) between Sailaja Manacha and Ragini Rao as they account for their long, transformational experiences leading to the pinnacle of TA accreditation, the TSTA. For those of you who like to read, we have a written transcript of the conversation available as well! Another first-ever is an article from Bangladesh, where Tasnuva Huque looks at her learning journey through the TA lens. Rajeshwari Bharath makes her debut as an author for the Newsletter as she recounts her experience of being a Montessori teacher. Sheena Yusuf explores why people come into relationships through a garden analogy. And, the desserts. Jayashree Swaminathan tellingly portrays the struggle of a depressed mind and Nandhini Thangavelu pens a TA poem for the Creative Corner.

Hungry for more? Not to worry, snacks are on-the-house! Mohanraj I A shares his experience of Secretary-ship as he steps down and hands the mantle back to C Suriyaprakash. Susan George takes a holistic view of 2017 in her note as President of SAATA. And to finish it all off, we are blessed to be able to share with you, a long-standing example of dedication to learning – the Transactional Analysis Study Circle (TASC), Madras celebrates its 40th year since inception! Join Indu Bhuvanesh as she recounts the highlights of the past 4 decades of TA in Chennai!

As I pause to look back at the year that flew by, I’m filled with an abundance of perhaps the greatest of all human constructs – hope. Hope for a splendid tomorrow. For you. For me. For everyone.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.” – Andy Dufresne, from the movie Shawshank Redemption, 1994.

Srinath Nadathur
Managing Editor

Greetings from SAATA President!

Susan George
President, SAATA

On New Year’s Eve, as I settled down to pen (yes, I still prefer pen and paper!) this message, I received on WhatsApp, a poem ‘Drinking from the Saucer” by John Paul Moore. My thought, this is exactly how I feel when I look back on 2017 personally, professionally and as SAATA President. I quote a couple of stanzas to communicate this experience:

As I go along my journey
I am reaping better than I sowed
I’m drinking from the saucer
‘Cause my cup has overflowed

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Good-Bye to the Secretary Role

Mohanraj I A
Secretary, SAATA

The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world. Look, every falling leaf is a blessing – Rumi

I have been fortunate to be associated with SAATA right from its formative years, and in the emergence of the association of professionals in 2006, I had been in office as treasurer from inception till 2013. Again I stepped in the role as Secretary and took charge from C. Suriyaprakash on September 2, 2016 at the end of the BOT meeting in Coimbatore.

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arr MLL 2018
- Sarmishta Mani
arr The Rewarding CTA Journey
- Karolina Jovanoska
arr The Relationship Garden
- Sheena Yusuf
arr Children-The Magical Beings
- Rajeshwari Bharath
arr A Journey to Discover Self
- Tasnuva Huque

Creative Corner
Mental Health
- Jayashree Swaminathan

The plAyground
- Nandhini Thangavelu



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