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Happy "News" Year 2019!


Hello there ! 2019 has hit the ground running and there are so many happenings we want to share with you. The TA world has been buzzing with activity in the South Asian region, and we are excited to bring it all to you through this year’s first issue of the SAATA Newsletter. The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything1 acquired an even greater significance in 2018, as a record 42 candidates successfully cleared the SAATA Diploma exams.

Hip hip hurray !!! This is more than twice the number in 2017, an indication of the success of the pilot exam format and the burgeoning desire of trainees to deepen their learning ! Here’s to many more diplomas in 2019 ! C’mon people, let’s hit the century mark this year !

Yet another celebratory note comes in the form of recognition for a TA practitioner’s work in a non-TA field. Haseena Abdulla’s article on “Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama - Convergence and Divergence” was published in the Psychodrama and Sociometry Journal in January 2019. Congratulations Haseena! Looking forward to more such instances of TA-related work getting recognised in other mental health modalities, and vice-versa. Read the TA News section for more such exciting happenings in the SAATA region, including but not limited to some exciting projects mentioned in the Trainer’s meet write-up, marginal increase of  SAATA membership fees after 8 years, the SAATA calendar and the TA 101 schedule till March 2019.

The third big announcement we have is the Caselet Contest, titled Pen A Caselet (PAC) by the cool cat of the editorial team, Priya Veeraraghavan. PAC is our attempt to help each one of us break through that writer’s block we inevitably seem to experience whenever we think of… well, writing ! With free supervision hours and MLL passes on offer, PAC is an irresistible invitation to start hitting the keypad ! (All ye 42 fresh diploma-holders, I’m looking at you:-)) Let’s start small, and share our stories ! Check out the “Caselet Contest” section for details on word limit, deadlines et al.

Two new partnerships were inked this year, one with the ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) and another with the IDTA (Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis), details of which are available in the note from Suriyaprakash in the News section.

With so much happening, the “News” has truly taken centre-stage in the “Newsletter” this time. That doesn’t mean we don’t have other exciting stuff for you, does it ? TA Talks continues the trend of engaging conversations with TA professionals caught on video - this time with long-timers Elana Leigh and Charlotte Daellenbach as they reflect together on a significant journey. MLL 2019 was a rousing start to the year as always and Priya captures the essence of the event succinctly in her afterword. She then teams up with Rema to share with us a summary of Jo Stuthridge’s workshops on the Relational Approach in TA. You will find these two write-ups in the “Conference Afterword” section. Deepak Dhananjaya continues to take us through the CTA exam journey in his dramatic style without a single dull moment. Padmapriya returns to share with us concepts and examples on “Personality Development”. These two articles are available in the “Experience” section.

We are lucky to be able to introduce some kind of new content in almost every issue, and this time it is a MOVIE REVIEW. Sundar Rajan pens a beautiful review of the movie Dear Zindagi, which he says is a case study for psychology students. Creative Corner features a lovely poem “Long Distance” by critically-acclaimed poet Srividya Sivakumar, and Head or TAle has this quarter’s TA Crossword, brought to you by Kousalya Karthikeyan.

I hope you enjoy the content as much as we did while putting it together. Wish you a fabulous 2019!

Srinath Nadathur
Managing Editor

1 Adams, Douglas (1979). Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Pan Books.
Head or Tail
TAzzle - The TA Crossword

Solutions & Winners of Previous Issue
arr MLL 2019
- Priya Veeraraghavan
arr It Takes Two: Workshop on Relational Approach
- Rema K Giridhar & Priya Veeraraghavan
arr CTA Exam Process (Contd.)
- Deepak Dhananjaya
arr Personality Development
- Padmapriya B
arr Movie: Dear Zindagi
- Sundar Rajan R

Creative Corner
Poem: Long Distance
- Srividya Sivakumar


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