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This is our first anniversary issue - a momentous occasion that brings great joy as we celebrate the completion of 1 year since the re-launch of the SAATA Newsletter. I am elated and thankful as I share this significant milestone with you the reader, and all the contributors.

Yet there is the overwhelming sadness and anger at the rape and murder of a child that has once again, shaken up the collective conscience of the people of India. My mind thus, is torn by the polarity of emotions evoked by these events. It is neither my intent nor within the boundaries of my role to take any stand in the matter of the tragedy, but to ignore it would be to ignore the fact that we are social beings, affected by what goes on around us. Hence, as we celebrate the accomplishments of all our contributors who were instrumental in the re-launched newsletter reaching its first anniversary, our flag flies half-mast. We pray for the child's soul to rest in peace and for the perpetrators of the crime to be brought to justice swiftly.

The anniversary has coincided with an expansion of the editorial team for the SAATA Newsletter. I'm pleased to welcome Priya Veeraraghavan to the team of crazies! The cool cat has really hit the ground running, editing away to glory and swishing up a crossword from her magic wand to tease your brain! Great to have you on the team Priya! As you solve her crossword, take a look at our brand-new comic section and guess the TA concepts you see over there! You can send in your answers to Successful respondents will be celebrated in the next issue. Speaking of celebrations, last month saw our very own grand lady, P K Saru, turn 80 with her characteristic enthusiasm and energy. Check out the tributes from all over the world that have poured in for her in our "Celebrations" section. Adding to this festive mood is the Ruby jubilee celebrations of the TA Study Circle, Madras captured in words by Sanchana Ramanathan.

Taking the celebrations to the next level, I am happy to announce that we will be honouring SAATA Newslet-ter contributors in the 2019 MLL. Dr. Susan George's generous endowment fund will be used for this pur-pose and the details will be shared in the next issue. This is our humble way of thanking and celebrating the contributors who put in their time and effort to create engaging content for our readers. Now, if this doesn't motivate you to start typing your next masterpiece for the SAATA Newsletter, tell us what will !

Coming to the heart of the matter, this anniversary issue is adorned by a potpourri of content, ranging from a first-ever public rant by one of our acclaimed trainers, Suriyaprakash C, to a prayer on Hope by Vikrant Goyal. Ambika, Aruna Kalahastri, Lakshmi Prabha, Kiran Katawa and Neena Bijoy share their personal TA journeys of growth where concepts like Contracting, Games, Strokes, Time Structuring, TA Proper and Egograms have empowered them towards awareness, spontaneity and intimacy in their lives. Our own mentor Mohanraj IA, has penned an article on the Force that keeps us from changing and how we can utilize it as a Source for a bet-ter life. From around the world, another acclaimed trainer, Karen Pratt shares with us the history of TA in South Africa, starting from humble beginnings in the 1970s to having a South African as the current ITAA president. Jayashree Swaminathan returns to the Creative Corner with her artistic depiction of the healing process of Depression, and Vasudha Sridhar invokes the Parent in us to help avoid addiction to anything, even good things, like art! Aruna Gopakumar's review of a book that promises to be a valuable companion for any CTA aspirant, and Sapna Sajan's clear explanation of the signs of Autism complete the rich line-up of content for this special anniversary issue!

Finally, I would like to remind you that in August 2018, delegates from around the world will convene at Kochi to share, learn and grow as a community of TA professionals! Come, join The Dance of Culture as the ITAA-SAATA conference boasting over 60 myriad workshops by presenters from over 15 nationalities, returns to God's own country after 25 years! Have you registered yet?

I sign off on a personal note, introducing my family to you. Anusha, my wife, is holding our baby boy Aran in this portrait we took on the occasion of the little man completing 6 months of life outside the womb. We wish you happy reading!

Srinath Nadathur
Managing Editor

PS: Please click on the "Feedback" button and share with us your experience of this newsletter. We are constantly looking to publish content that is valuable to you, and your feedback will point us in the right direction. You are also welcome to write directly to; we'll be happy to receive some "Letters to the editor", you know!

SAATA announces Mohanraj IA as the recipient of the first SAATA Service Award for the year 2018

Susan George

Dear Mohan,
Congratulations on a very well deserved recognition.
You have been, from the day I have known you, an open, bold, loving and lovable, trusting and trustworthy friend. A pillar I could lean on always in times of Joy and difficulties. It is these qualities which you bring into all your interactions that has added so much value to the TA community. Your contributions as a founding Trustee, Treasurer and Secretary have been timely and with love and foresight.

May this award motivate many others to discover their values in giving back to the community.

Love and prayers

Creative Corner

arr TA Proper, Stroking & Time-Structuring
- Ambika
arr Feelings
- Aruna Kalahastri
arr From Playing Games to becoming Sportive
- Kiran Katawa
arr Personal Growth through TA
- Neena Bijoy
arr Autism
- Sapna Sajan
arr TA in South Africa
- Karen Pratt
arr Force or Source
- I.A. Mohanraj
arr A Ranty Soliloquy on Writing!
- C. Suriyaprakash
arr A Teenage Contract
- Lakshmi Prabha
arr Book: From Anxiety to CTA
- Aruna Gopakumar

Creative Corner
Depression Healing
- Jayashree Swaminathan

Art Addiction
- Vasudha Sridhar

Poem: Hope - A Prayer
- Vikrant Goyal



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