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A Teenage Contract - Lakshmi Prabha home
Karen-Pratt Lakshmi Prabha is a post graduate in psychology, child care education and an advanced TA trainee. She works as a counsellor in Coimbatore Cancer Foundation for cancer patients. Her experiences comprised of pre-primary education, child welfare and cancer patient counselling. Inspired to help the suffering and heal the needy, she is passionate about learning new skills and enjoys being with people. She believes that unconditional love sustains relationships.

Two weeks ago, on a breezy, drizzling midmorning, I was eagerly waiting to meet my three close friends who were also my schoolmates. We had planned for a get-together after a long time.

The whole day was spent chit chatting, giggling, laughing, eating and of course taking lots of selfies. The energy in the room flowed like a torrent and we enjoyed the day thoroughly and parted in the evening with a promise to meet again.

This get-together was possible through a contract made between me and one of my friends in that group. Ours is a 25 year long friendship…. Yes, we met at the age of 14 as teenagers and still continue as friends even as we have transformed into beautiful, mature ladies of 39 years.

Later that day, after my friends left, I was pondering about, "What has kept this friendship alive for such a long period?" I started analyzing the possibilities and listed out the reasons. By the time I finished listing, I could not control my curiosity and called her to check her thoughts.

She remembered the incident when we were 16, when my family had to move to Patna due to my father's transfer. She continued saying that, "We both agreed to sustain our friendship even though we had to be separated. We agreed to be in touch and she added that if any disagreement arises between us, we agreed to sort it out by talking to each other and also decided that no ego issues would come between us." She shared with me that she had many friends in her life with whom she had such an agreement. But none of them were able to maintain this agreement except me. Then she reasoned that this agreement between us has maintained our friendship all these years.

We agreed to continue our friendship mutually and it's a great achievement that it is 25 years now. We both considered that the unconditional love out of the friendship is valuable as we have the space to discuss anything between us. We also believed that we had the competency to be in touch with each other, as it was the period where only landline phone and writing letters were possible. Though I travelled all around the nation due to my dad's and husband's transferable job, we were in touch with each other through letters and as technology advanced we continued to be in touch and finally our friendship was bounded by the law.

As a TA trainee, I am surprised that the contract which as small girls we agreed, had the four components described by Dr. Claude Steiner. The four components in a contract are, mutual consent, valid consideration, competency and lawful object. I validate Dr. Berne's definition "a contract is an explicit bilateral commitment to a well- defined course of action".

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