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Vasudha Sridhar

A true Coimbatorean at heart, graduated with a Business Management degree with Masters in it from England.  And in no time, I was travelling the world -A wanderer at heart, art keeps me grounded and enriched.  My love for colors and simple pleasures was a true calling.  I quit my job and made a move back home from Australia hoping to change live's with art. I'm a self-taught artist with a teacher's Certification in Zentangle.  I throw clay when I need to unwind and take a break from my pens & paints & I'm always on a journey trying to find my way back to my roots. 

Art Addiction

An overindulgent artist that I am, I struggle with addictions everyday-An addiction to create art, to continue creating & to continue creativity.

What started as a hobby, turned into a habit and then an addiction with no boundaries whatsoever.

One would assume that it is a good sign for art to have no boundaries, but an artist has to know when to smear the last stroke of paint on a canvas.

The canvas is the artist's baby, and no amount of improvisation is good enough, it seems like a work in progress with no ultimatum or deadline.

And in this journey of overindulgence, in not letting the canvas speak for itself, the vision of the artist becomes a perpetual wait.

On a similar note, as a layman to Psychology, I can see that an overindulgence of a positive habit can be fatal too, that a mere game of rummy can turn into gambling before you even know it.

While it is important to trigger the raw Child in oneself to kickstart, create & explore, it is equally important to know the exact moment that the Parent in you must take over.

While it is sheer hard work to break free from addictions, the future is always promising, of a fresh start, of a brand new white plain canvas.

'Brave is the one who knows when to stop, and when to start over, for there's always room for more art!'

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