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Child is the Father of the Man - Ravikumar Ramanathan home
Ravikumar Ramanathan Ravikumar Ramanathan, TA trainee (P) with Masters in engineering and 24 years of  corporate experience. Interests include philosophy, yoga, astrology, music and sports.

Conversation between Ravi (that is me) and my five-and-a-half year old son Adhvay.

The context is my reading room where Adhvay had stuck multiple stickers on the cupboard. A pair of stickers caught his attention and our conversation went like this...

Adhvay: This man is the boss and he is shouting at this (other) man. So this man feels sad

Ravi: Then what happens...

Adhvay: Police comes (puts a sticker of a motorcycle near them). Then big police comes (bigger motor cycle). They took this boss (pastes the two motor cycles and the boss sticker in a different spot).

Ravi:  Where did they go?

Adhvay: Police put him in jail!

Ravi: Okay, so what happens to this man (one who was originally sad)?

Adhvay: He is sad because that man made him feel sad

Ravi: Oh is it? What did the police do? You said they put that other man in jail...

Adhvay: Mmm yes. That man is not sad. He comes back (gets released from jail).

Ravi: Then, what happens ?

Adhvay: They are happy. (seeing the stickers) But this man looks sad :-(

Ravi: What can you do?

Adhvay: I want to make them all happy

Ravi: How?

Adhvay: I will take a sketch pen and put smilies on their faces

Ravi: Yes! go ahead and do it!

He happily sketched smilies on the faces and ran off saying everyone is happy :-) 

Some of the permissions I think I gave him in these transactions were to Feel, Think and Express, Be yourself.

He filled me with positive strokes and happily moved on. I immediately wrote this in my journal with thoughts that I allowed his imagination to flow. It was indeed revealing to observe and appreciate that kids naturally know the values and connect them to context. It was then that I heard this statement in my head with a smile on my face “Child is the father of man".

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