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Prasad Naveen is a therapist and facilitator at Ankur, Coimbatore.
He uses techniques based on eastern philosophy, yoga, audio, energy management, dance and movement, psychodrama, Gestalt, TA, Mandala-art, Yoga nidra based tools and techniques. Its his passion to train sports personals in integrating these techniques to enhance their ability and better their achievement. He is also a advanced TA trainee.

Rainbow bridge

The Journey though the Rainbow Bridge

The Imagination of an artist portrays the concept of the journey towards being autonomous and spontaneous in nature.

The mandala on the left hand side is depicted with disconnected patterns yet connected and balanced as its arranged in a circle, it depicts adapted nature of a personality, adapted based on the rules of the environment, culture and society.

on the right hand side is the mandala depicting the being after the journey though the rainbow bridge (an adult structure).

From a non integrated state to an integrated state where the heart is fully open and there is intimacy with the self and world around. Balanced and integrated.

The inspiration is drawn from Norse Mythology, where the rainbow bridge connects between Asgard and the Midgar.

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Creative Corner
Rainbow Bridge
- Prasad Naveen



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