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TAzzle by Priya Veeraraghavan
Solve this TA crossword and mail us your solution to The first 3 winners (TAzzlers) would be featured in the next issue alongwith the solution. Have fun and happy learning 😊


1. The unconscious life pattern (6)
4. EBMA Winner for the 'substitution factor' (6)
6 A form of transaction, when a response comes from an ego state not addressed to (7)
9 One of the stages in Freud's Psychosexual Development (4)
10 The first order ego state model in short (3)
11 The last name of the founder of Transactional Analysis (8)
14 One of the goals of TA (8)
15 You and I are either OK or we are ____! (3)
16 A centenarian born to win (6, 5)
18 A game where the therapist is treated as the judge (9)
19 Sport, that is also a way of structuring our time (4)

1 The opening communication (8)
2 Feel one, show another (6)
3 This fear is extreme and irrational (6)
5 Non-verbal prohibitive commands received from the parental figures (11)
7 He could have a significant influence on your script (3)
8 We sometimes collect this feeling and cash it later (5)
10 She alerted us to the ideas of Permissions, Potency and Protection within the clinical domain (3)
12 What do you ___, after you ___ Hello? (3)
13 A unit of recognition (6)
17 She could have a significant influence on your script (3)

Creative Corner

arr TA Proper, Stroking & Time-Structuring
- Ambika
arr Feelings
- Aruna Kalahastri
arr From Playing Games to becoming Sportive
- Kiran Katawa
arr Personal Growth through TA
- Neena Bijoy
arr Autism
- Sapna Sajan
arr TA in South Africa
- Karen Pratt
arr Force or Source
- I.A. Mohanraj
arr A Ranty Soliloquy on Writing!
- C. Suriyaprakash
arr A Teenage Contract
- Lakshmi Prabha
arr Book: From Anxiety to CTA
- Aruna Gopakumar

Creative Corner
Depression Healing
- Jayashree Swaminathan

Art Addiction
- Vasudha Sridhar

Poem: Hope - A Prayer
- Vikrant Goyal



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