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From our SAATA Past President - Susan George home
Jayanthi Susan George, TSTA (P), balances in her the roles of an educationist, psychotherapist & trainer using knowledge & skills developed from her training in chemistry, TA, Neurolinguistic Programming, Gestalt, her vast experience as teacher, administrator and psychotherapist, and her exposure to many countries and people with varied backgrounds and ideas.


I write in response to the request from the new SAATA Newsletter team to put down my thoughts as Past President.

I, supported by the Secretaries and Treasurer, have enjoyed holding the space for the VPs and their teams as they executed their plans to fulfill the vision and mission of SAATA. I am proud of the way we have worked as a collaborative team conducting workshops, exams, research & publications and conferences.

  • Two of our SAATA conferences were impacted by unexpected calamities. Kochi 2019  conference was a  success amidst floods and we conducted the conferences in modified format. The Bangladesh Conference had to be shifted out in the last few days and we managed a modified version of it at Coimbatore, using the international resource persons to benefit our trainees. This  was possible  only  because  of  committed, creative  team  work  towards ensuring safety of all our members with lots of positive strokes and no fingerpointing!
  • Research and publication in both TA and non-TA journals is an aspect we need to focus on. Both SAJTA and the Newsletter have grown in quality and reach and we are building on these to increase the visibility of TA and SAATA in the community.
  • The number of members clearing TA Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CTA and TSTA holders have increased and it fills my heart with pride. While we are growing professionally, we need constant upgrading while being mindful of the community’s needs.
  • Our Website, online payment and other processes have streamlined many of our interactions with the members. I request our members to continue sharing their ideas for improvements.
  • The value we have seen in the contribution of the trainees coupled with the increasing demands of a growing TA community has resulted in the formation of the Executive Committee with trainees holding key posts alongside the Certified Members. I acknowledge the contribution of trainees who are on various committees and holding specific tasks.
  • We have an ongoing project to get certified by universities and/or licensing bodies. The process has begun and I wish it will reach fruition soon.

I wish to thank all trainers, trainees and the wider community for their contribution to SAATA. I wish Ragini and her team a successful and meaningful tenure as they lead SAATA to greater heights.

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The TA Crossword
arr My experience of being elected as the next President of the ITAA
- Chitra Ravi
arr From our SAATA Past President
- Susan George

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Poem: The Three
In a line like a regimental order,

- Lokesh Rasinkar
- SAATA Newsletter Editorial Team



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