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I am HR & OD Professional, who is passionate about people, training and organisational development. I have been keen learner in this subject for over 17+yrs and continue to keep learning. I have great love for food (veg), music and sports. I am not a writer or a poet; the poem that I wrote was a challenge I set to myself to see if I can write a poem.

It's always about the Here & Now.
I thought about the past and wondered how
I think about the future and wonder now
TA taught me to live in the Here & Now

While I work with people now
I keep on contracting and they wonder how
It’s about levels three; administrative, professional and psychological
Done in the Here & Now

While I talk to people now
They tell me I have changed and I wonder how
I know it's about using my ego states in the Here & Now

I thought about how I spend my time now
I kept spending in rituals, withdrawals and games wondering how
Then it was to add more time in activities and pastimes in the Here & Now

While I think about myself now
I used to negatively stroke myself wondering how
I now unconditionally know to stroke myself in the Here & Now

While I think about others now
I never asked for strokes from them wondering how
I now ask for strokes when I need it in the Here & Now

I know the OK positions impacted me how
I was not OK and Others were OK wondering how
I am now practicing I am OK and You are Ok in the Here & Now

I am different my family tells me now
I was strict and aggressive with them wondering how
I am now functioning as an Adult and Free Child in the Here & Now

While I know the journey has just begun now
I will keep learning to improve each day now
By practicing all concepts of TA in the Here & Now

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