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Inner GPS - Namita Shetty home
Kousalya-Karthikeyan Namita' curiosity about how humans feel emotions lead her to the journey of self- Discovery where she got in touch with her own Psychic ability which have been a great contribution to therapeutic practices.
Currently she conducts workshops on Mother Healing, Ancestral Healing. She is Asst. Facilitator for Regression Therapy. (TASSO) and Facilitator for Family Constellation.

In search of Our Inner GPS Dependency is definitely a psychological term. However, what exactly does "being dependent" mean in real life and how does one become dependent? My 8 year old daughter has been my source of inspiration on how we learn, what we see and how we see life as we are growing. Her insights on life and learning as a child offer a treasure of wisdom in my therapeutic practice especially in my inner child work. We were traveling by rickshaw and on the way she told me "Let's play a game mumma. You ask me questions on Maths and I will answer them." So as the game continued I gave her some numbers for addition and she was using a unique way of addition she learnt in her school (she is a Waldorf student, the methodology of teaching children is based on Steiner education). However, during our conversation my mind wandered to the way I had learnt addition. I knew how to add with the help of using the "+" sign, something I rote-learned. I learned in school to find answers in fixed ways through formulas or answers given by other people called the "text book". I realised how dependent I was made on the process of learning. Finding answers through a fixed way by someone everybody (that is, my parents) believed to be intelligent (even intelligent enough to know what is good for me more than I know about myself). I learned dependency very early in my education, in emotions, in behaviour. Somebody outside me told me that they knew what was good for me. I am supposed to feel what I am feeling. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I looked for validation for myself all the time. We are not trained to come to answers on our own through our intuition and our inner knowing of what we are feeling and seeing, which is true for us. People like Einstein and Stephen Hawking questioned outer intelligence. They were so aware and in touch with the universal intelligence that allowed them to give new theories and concepts to the world, which became the way we look at the world today.

Dependency is "depending on something outside of you, people and answers about life". So much so that when we grow-up there is such dependency that we cannot function. We are not connected to our inner GPS, the curiosity and the courage to challenge the truth that does not fit our inner GPS. This dependency leads to feeling lost and confused, not knowing what one wants in life. Even if we know, we lack the courage to walk the path. What if you educated yourselves and your children to trust their inner knowing? Finding their own answers and living their answers (Mark Zuckerberg) which gives you the courage to be who you are. Because you know, I repeat "YOU KNOW" who you are and not what the world sees you or wants you to be. When we are connected to our inner GPS, we are connected to our purpose on earth. A question most of us are looking answers for. What is our contribution on earth? We can only contribute to this earth when we identify this uniqueness, celebrate it and live it. When each one of us contributes to the world with their uniqueness, we help in uplifting the consciousness of humanity. Ask these questions to yourself today - What would it take for me to be connected to my inner knowing? - What is unique in me that is contribution to consciousness. In a therapeutic setup I facilitate my clients through this inner journey. And once you are connected you don't need a therapist or teacher or guru to lead you. You become your own leader.

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