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Journey of a TA Practitioner - Prasad Naveen home
Pragnesh Prasad Naveen is a therapist and facilitator at Ankur, Coimbatore.
He uses techniques based on eastern philosophy, yoga, audio, energy management, dance and movement, psychodrama, Gestalt, TA, Mandala-art, Yoga nidra based tools and techniques. Its his passion to train sports personals in integrating these techniques to enhance their ability and better their achievement. He is also a advanced TA trainee.

Journey of a TA Practitioner

The Artist, has depicted the Journey of a TA Practitioner (an explorer of the self)

Travelling the waves of contamination and confusion to reach the goal of being an Adult, who has choices, and holds the power to live life well and with awareness.

Its like the sun (the adult), depicted inside the upward and the downward triangle.
With spontaneity and intimacy. 

Journey of a  TA Practitioner


Head or Tail
TAzzle - The TA Crossword

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Creative Corner
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Journey of a TA Practitioner
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