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Multi Level Learning (MLL) January 6-7, 2018 - Sarmishta Mani home
Sarmishta Mani Sarmishta Mani is a student of Dr. Susan George. She has chosen specialisation in TA psychotherapy. Her philosophy includes her belief that every human being finds meaning and purpose in life from expressing and developing one's unique self, alongside establishing and maintaining nurturing and supportive relationships. She believes life offers repeated opportunities to become aware of one's path towards self actualisation, and seeks, in her practice, to facilitate her clients' movement towards theirs.

The recently concluded MLL titled Walls and Bridges-Exploring Boundaries & Relationships was significant in several ways. It was attended by a large number of participants which included members from the international TA community, trainers and trainees who are members of SAATA and trainees yet to become members but with over a year of advanced training in TA. A record 19 SAATA Diplomas along with the first Advanced Diploma were awarded. Some of the facilitators took up the role for the first time. During the concluding plenary, a fun and effective way of communicating the participants’ experience of the two days came through in skits, mimes and poetry by both trainees and trainers.

The opening plenary involved active discussions on the hopes and expectations from the conference, with reference to the title. Several members suggested various TA concepts that they believed identified or were associated with the theme of the MLL.

Julie Hay, one of the trainers instrumental in establishing the earlier version of the MLL called Multi Level Training, returned this year. The happiness in the hall from the warm reception extended to her and the other trainers who travelled a considerable distance to take part was infectious. As the facilitator of a workshop on boundaries during the plenary and a supervisor during the small group events, she engaged with an attentive audience that was absorbed in the learning they underwent. In the workshop she explored Kaplan’s description of the quality of boundaries such as lax, rigid or permeable and the resulting not OKness or OKness in relationships. The audience responded to her sense of humour with joyful laughter. When I heard her share that irrespective of the fields of specialisation in TA, all practitioners are in a therapeutic engagement with their clients, I was touched by the value of relationships in supporting transformations. Also, I found it interesting to question if one is dependent, independent or interdependent in one’s relationships.

The other workshop by Thorsten Geck impacted the audience deeply as well. His elaboration on the work of Bernd Smidt with the importance of the appropriateness, tasks, resourcefulness and responsibility pertaining to roles in relationships, whether personal, professional or organisational offered the audience a means to create and navigate healthy boundaries. Personally I found the above mentioned steps for role clarity very valuable. For example, I was reminded of a client who learnt in therapy that he was in the role of parent to his mother, feeling compelled to protect and control her. How empowering it would be to combine this insight with tools for reflecting on the boundaries in the roles and relationship he created with her.

The ‘small groups’ format of previous MLLs was largely retained, though this time members of the groups were invited to exercise a choice between groups being open or closed. 

The new Diploma holders looked evidently pleased that they could share the result of their commitment and hard work with the cheering group. The first SAATA Advanced Diploma recipient, Deepak is an inspiration to tentative aspirants on their TA journey, to invest themselves in their learning and growth.

Tea and lunch breaks too were abuzz with activity, with connections getting made or rekindled.

The concluding plenary seemed to reflect the realisation that the two days were a condensation of the theme of the conference, with episodes of struggle, confusion, confrontation, resolution and cooperation represented symbolically by the walls, boundaries, bridges and relationships we set out to meet.

The next MLL will happen on 5th and 6th January 2019 in Chennai. Before that, we have the SAATA-ITAA International Conference in Kochi in August 2018. There’s much excitement, interaction and learning in store for all of us and on that note, I end this article.

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