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My experience of being elected as the next President of the ITAA - Chitra Ravi home
Chitra-Ravi Chitra Ravi has a Masters Degree in Psychology, is a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy). She is the President elect of ITAA and a member of the Board of Trustees of SAATA. She is the founder of Seed TLC, Bangalore.

I recall that a decade back, I was asked to be a part of the SAATA BOT (Board of Trustees), as the VP Training & Exams of SAATA. SAATA has given me the impetus needed. With the trust and confidence that I experienced, I took on additional roles with the IBOC (International Board of Certifications) and ITAA Vice President Operations.  All these roles were highly stimulating and mutually satisfying. They provided ample opportunities to expand my learning and thinking, most importantly, instilled a deep sense of belonging to my regional and global community. I found myself willing to contribute in any way that would be relevant for each of the organisations, which I felt a huge part of.

The past year has gone by in a haze! When I came back from the Raleigh Conference last year, the ITAA was a steady ship. Diane Salters, the earlier ITAA President had held it together and set the course ahead after managing some rough weather.  I had opportunities to share some of my thoughts and ideas and had stimulating dinner conversations with both Diane and Elana at Raleigh.  I found the ITAA President, Elana Leigh’s visionary approach inspiring and was excited about where ITAA was headed.  When I was asked if I would consider taking up the role of the ITAA President, I took quite some time to decide.  I was concerned about the scope of responsibility and how much the role would entail.  After some conversations with a few trusted colleagues, I accepted it and my nomination was announced.

With the election underway, the Covid19 and the resultant cancellation process of the Birmingham Conference took the wind out of all of us.  When election results were out with my vote as President-elect, I dived right into the role of the President-elect nominee.  The next few months called for a President who could use her various faculties to get a hold of the shaky ground firmly. Elana was the person for the job.  Along with Diane’s wisdom and experience and Elana’s inclusive approach, the Presidents of the associations involved with the Birmingham Conference met tirelessly to collaborate and decide on what could be done at each stage.

Thereafter, there was a lot of new information coming my way; and many things to be organized by the ITAA Board: the online annual board meetings, the ITAA AGM, the ITAA awards celebrations, etc. I experienced both a sense of awe and overwhelm, as I was also involved in all of this.  

In the President-Elect role over the next ten months, I see myself as being in the role of an observer, soaking in whatever I am a part of. As I walk alongside Elana, into meetings, copied on most emails, I am getting to see the larger picture emerging beautifully. Moving from my usual mode of ‘doing’, I am learning to be more strategic in my focus and stance. The vision of the ITAA with how it can professionally, technologically, socially, and collaboratively emerge differently in the coming years is all on the horizon, each being a significant part of the colors of the ITAA rainbow.  I am privileged to be a part of it, in working with a hugely energized and stimulated Board that seeks to stretch just that bit more every time!

Finally, I thank each of you - members of SAATA and the ITAA who have placed your trust and voted me into this position.  My wishes for your safety and health in these difficult and demanding times.

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arr My experience of being elected as the next President of the ITAA
- Chitra Ravi
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- Susan George

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