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Kiran Katawa Kiran Katawa is working as Agile Coach with an MNC in Bangalore, carrying 15+ years of IT industry experience. He is pursing his 2nd year in DTA in Organization theme with Suriya. He is also ACC(Associate Certified Coach) trained coach, working towards his ICF accreditation. He loves teaching, Kannada literature and reading books. He is reachable at:  

On Jan 4-5, 2019 I attended my first MLL (Multi Level Learning event) in Chennai. I had no idea and no expectation of how this event would unfold. And it so happened that the event literally jolted me off my structural mindset ! 

To brief you about what happened in the event: all the attendees were split into 4 groups, with each group having a facilitator, a supervisor, a supervisor's supervisor and a Martian. The facilitator and supervisor's team would keep changing for each session. There were 4 sessions in 2 days, each running for around 1.30 hours. The interesting part is - there was no agenda of what's going to be discussed in the group’s session! We all get into the group and be there and anything may evolve in the group's discussion. 

This significant event occurred in the 4th session, the last one, on the second day. We, as a group, had decided to talk on 2 topics. Our facilitator wrote them on the white board and we started the discussion. As the time progressed and the conversation was building, no one was speaking about the topics that were written on the board. Instead, all were talking of anything and everything in the world except the topics that were on the board!! I didn't bring my objection in the group's space and instead was sitting on my thoughts (my process), which was - "Come on!! what are you guys are about the ones which are on the board"!. So, 30 minutes passed by like this and our session was nearing the end. Our facilitator asked us to bring it to a closure and share the feedback of what we all learnt and what we are taking away. And everyone started sharing what they learnt from the conversation that happened in the group and when it came to me, I was almost clueless and said, it was 50-50 for me. The session ended in a few minutes. 

This opened a new door in my thinking process. I realised that I was so much bound to the structure (what was written on the board) that I literally ignored every word spoken during that 30 minutes in the group. That was my 'Be Perfect' driver in action. It is important for me to take a thought to an end, irrespective of whether it matters in the context or not. In other words, it is the driver behaviour from Child instead of being in Adult.

Expanding this to a very important area of my life...I was recognised for my analytical skills. In my 15 years of IT skill, I have enjoyed Business Analyst's role, I was recognised for my questioning skills by IIMC professors in my Executive Mgmt course, I was praised by Julie Hay saying: "Kiran, you ask some interesting questions" and so on. These are some golden strokes which I have got for my analytical and questioning skills; On the other hand, I was also given feedback as - I overthink, over analyse, question too much, in my TA course!! This had created a dilemma in me. I started wondering when to ask and when not to ask the questions!

After the above incident of MLL, I realised where I was going wrong. Often, when a thought entered my mind, I wanted to take it to an end and I went on asking the questions, irrespective of the context (whether it is really required or not) or ignoring what the other person wants to say or is saying. So, whenever I have put the question in the context or with a rationale, I have provoked the thinking in the others; And when I have gone along with my Be Perfect driver and have missed the context or rationale, I have come across as over analyser. So, all I was to do is to check that my questioning or analysing is coming from Adult, considering the context and the intention and not from Child, driven by 'Be Perfect'. This helped me to resolve another important thing: When I ask a question and someone says I was overthinking, I am not impacted by that feedback and on the other hand, I don't have the fear of not asking something for the fear of being labelled as over thinker and lose the chances of learning!!

Thank you SAATA and the team for this life changing event. I am looking forward to next year's event :) 

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