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Personal Growth through TA - Neena Bijoy home

Mrs. Neena Bijoy is a saree designer who has a boutique of her own. She lost her husband very recently and joined the TA classes for self-healing. She has 2 sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law and they are all very happy about her doing this course.

It is with sincere gratitude that I look back on the past one year where I have continued learning and incorporating the principles learnt from TA in my own life. I really believe that the TA101 workshop I attended was the one of the biggest life changing event that happened to me in the recent past.

I realised how much strokes where necessary for my own wellbeing and learnt to reject negative strokes. I learnt that no-one is more important to me than my self, and that I should always account for my self. I consciously began to even avoid others discounting me. Very often I identified myself getting into drama triangles and when I realised that it was constantly leading to negative payoffs, I now try to keep out of it.

Learning about the ego states and also drawing my own egogram helped me realise that most often I was operating in ego states that were not only hurting others but also leading me to be confused about my self. This also helped me to consciously try and operate in my Adult and Free child ego states as far as possible.

The workshop of life script made me realise where my fears and unfounded submissiveness came from and to make the re-decision to live happily and be assertive. The competency curve when applied to my own life was in bereavement. I went through all the stages from immobilisation to success. I realised that when I accounted for myself and stood up for what I thought was good for me it instead of looking for others' approval like I always did it sure made my life a lot easier.

I realised that being true to my self and assertive when necessary would also make others stand up and take note of how I need to be treated . I was surprised how being non-judgemental and also not going forward with the assumption of what others would think could make me much more comfortable. Many a time, what I thought people meant was very different from what they really meant and many a time I would hurt my own feelings by presuming. I learnt to confront and clear any doubt I had about others hurting me.

I would say that learning TA has brought out the positivity in me and taught me to handle my negativity and emotions. I conclude by saying that TA learning has changed me into a positive person who has a much broader outlook on life.

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