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Poem: Hope - A Prayer - Vikrant Goyal home
Vikrant Goyal

Professionally Vikrant is an organization development expert with 16 years of experience as a consultant and human resource professional. He is an artist and explorer by heart, passionate about the mystical ways of the world.

Hope – A Prayer

Lord! I ask not for you to take away the darkness
While I try to find my way through, give me hope to see light
Lord! I ask not for you to lay down for me the path
When I choose one for myself, give me hope to make it right

Lord! I ask not for you to dry my tears when I am troubled
While I struggle through a storm, give me hope to smile again
Lord! I ask not for you to pull me out of the drought
While I survive the thirst, give me hope that it shall rain

Lord! Give me hope, hope will see me through it all
Hope will get me to rise even after the greatest fall!

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Poem: Hope - A Prayer
- Vikrant Goyal



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