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Poem: Tchotchke - Srividya Sivakumar home

Srividya is a critically-acclaimed poet. She has authored two books of poetry and is an active speaker on platforms relating to literature and philosophy. When away from writing poetry or writing about poetry, she is involved in teaching assignments and supporting poetry events. She is also a teacher, a TEDx speaker and a former columnist for The Hindu - Metroplus.


Love is a tchotchke. Like a pack of batteries or gum at the checkout counter in a wily supermarket. Picked up on a whim. Some say in 1/5 of a second. That unthought out.

Once home, you put the batteries in an overfilled table draw. You'll look for it weeks later by which time you'd have forgotten where you left it.

You make your way through the gum a lazy Sunday jamming with friends and swigging cider. The tastes mingle in your mouth and it's unpleasant. You persevere. And sure enough, you like it now.

You enter love with the same carelessness. A ruthlessness in fate, a riding on the coat tails of luck good and bad. It's as insignificant as the rescued wrapping paper, the old bunch of flowers, the variegated satin ribbons that clutter that table draw.

Except when it's not insignificant. Then love is the red and gold table. It's the opium in your peace pipe. It's the matryoshka doll that keeps unravelling.

But the entrance into this world of mixed tastes and deep heartbreak, is often, almost always, a quick trolley ride down an aisle full of mines.

Tchotchke: A small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.

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Poem: Tchotchke
- Srividya Sivakumar


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