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Poem: The Three - Lokesh Rasinkar home
Lokesh Rasinkar
Lokesh Rasinkar

In a line like a regimental order,
The three looked sound & round.
Not given the freedom to wander,
Always together they were found.

Clues & rules came from the Top,
Like Don’ts, Do’s, Shoulds & Musts
Sometimes the Top also put a stop
To the rules & said ‘you I trust’.

The Bottom one teased, was fun,
And curious, carefree & playful.
At times countering the Top one,
At times complying with Top in full.

The Middle was matter of fact,
Did what he had to, with tact.
He absorbed like good cotton,
A little from both Top & Bottom.

Middle simply couldn’t fathom
Why he rarely was in the saddle,
Because it was Top & Bottom,
That mostly controlled the paddle.

This took everyone everywhere
Also at times to middle of nowhere
Needing Middle to get to the bottom
Of it all & find ways back to the top.

Thus the inseparable threesome,
Went about their business this way.
Each had his very own unique say.
And the others, each tried to sway.

Wanting to know more about me,
I learnt I am the sum of these three.
A top to bottom review of it all,
Told me I am at whose beck & call.

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Creative Corner
Poem: The Three
In a line like a regimental order,
- Lokesh Rasinkar
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