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Solution for TAzzle April 2018


Congratulations !
Correct entries received:
Jayashree K V Jayashree K V
Interesting & exciting - I finished it in less than 10 minutes
Kousalya Karthikeyan Kousalya Karthikeyan
It is was joyful and explorative...enjoyed doing it wish to do more crosswords ..
Mona Kamani Mona Kamani
I really enjoyed doing this Tazzle

Solutions for Comics April 2018

  • Potential games - Blemish. Drama Triangle roles - Persecutor, Victim.
  • Pixton_Comic_Guess_the_TA_concepts_by_Srinath_Nadathur
  • Setting oneself up to reconfirm limiting script beliefs like "I'm lazy", "I'm always like this - incapable, not good enough etc.
  • SettingUpOneself_Priya
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