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SAATA Diploma Pilot Manual Amended

The new SAATA Diploma pilot manual was released in March 2019 on the SAATA website. Keeping in mind the experience from 2018, the exam format has gone through revision and changes.

Changes outline in a much clearer form the procedures and guidelines for both trainees and trainers so each is aware of the various steps right from consent and registration for the exam till the oral exam process. The questions for the pilot Diploma have also been changed keeping in mind feedback from examiners last year. Other changes are in forms and rubrics.

I invite trainees and trainers to please check the manual to be upto date and like last year hope to have many trainees apply for the SAATA Pilot Diploma format in 2019 too.

New dates for exam submission and orals next year have also been updated on the SAATA website.


Sailaja Manacha
VP -Training and Examination

TA 101

The official TA101 Course: Purpose, Requirements and Certification

The TA101 course is the official introduction to transactional analysis. Its purpose is to provide consistent and accurate information about TA concepts.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify as a TA101 course recognized by the ITAA:

  • The course content must include content as specified in Section 4.2 of the ITAA Training and Examinations Handbook
  • The course must be at least twelve hours long
  • TA101 instructors must be officially recognized; so they must be
    – a Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a Provisional Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a CTA who is endorsed as a TA101 Instructor.

Learners who participate in the whole course are awarded the TA101 Certificate. This is awarded by the ITAA.

Note: Programmes are listed for the purpose of information only. SAATA does not promote or endorse individuals, organisations, groups or programmes other than those offered by SAATA.

Programme Details:


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Exam Writing Workshop

Workshop Facilitators
Haseena Abdulla PTSTA (P) and Prathitha Gangadharan PTTA (P)

Workshop Date
June 19th, 2019, Wednesday

Workshop Timings
9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Workshop Location
SPARSH Foundation, 132, Al Noor, Charles Campbell Road, Cox Town, Bangalore – 560005

Phone: 080 25802749

Workshop Fee: Rs.2000 payable to SAATA

We need a minimum of 12 participants to run this workshop.

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SAATA Calendar 2019-2020

* Subject to change.

Year Date Event Facilitator(s) Place
2019 January 3-4 Trainers Meeting Certified Members Chennai
  January 4 BOT Meeting Board of Trustees Chennai
  January 5-6 MLL Certified Members Chennai
  January 7 Relational TA workshop Jo Stuthridge Chennai
    Relational TA workshop Jo Stuthridge Bengaluru
  February 11 CTA Exam Workshop Ragini, Chitra, Sai Bengaluru
  March 15 Pilot Diploma (Cycle 2) Handbook Release
  April 15 CTA Exam Workshop Ragini, Chitra, Sai Bengaluru
  May 1 Diploma Exam Writing Workshop (Regular and Pilot) Haseena and Prathitha Bengaluru
  July 4 Trainers Meeting & Markers Workshop & SAATA Business Certified Members Zoom Meetings
  July  17-18 Trainers Process Workshop John Heath Bengaluru
  July 19 Trainers MLL Meeting Certified Members Bengaluru
  September 1 Last date: Advanced Diploma Written Exam Submission
  September 21-22 Ethics Workshop Suriya and Susan Bengaluru
  November 1 Last date: Diploma (regular format) Exam Submission
  November 15 Last date: Advanced Diploma Oral Exam Application Form Submission
2020 January 9-10 Trainers Meeting Certified Members Coimbatore
  January 9-10 Adv. Diploma Oral Exam (5 pm-8 pm) Coimbatore
  January 10 BOT Meeting Board of Trustees Coimbatore
  January 11-12 MLL Certified Members Coimbatore
  June 25 Pilot Diploma Oral Exam Bengaluru
  September 25 CTA Oral Exam IBOC Bengaluru
  September 26-27 SAATA Conference Bengaluru
  September 28 Post-conference Institutes Bengaluru
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