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The official TA101 Course: Purpose, Requirements and Certification

The TA101 course is the official introduction to transactional analysis. Its purpose is to provide consistent and accurate information about TA concepts.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify as a TA101 course recognized by the ITAA:

  • The course content must include content as specified in Section 4.2 of the ITAA Training and Examinations Handbook
  • The course must be at least twelve hours long
  • TA101 instructors must be officially recognized; so they must be
    – a Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a Provisional Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a CTA who is endorsed as a TA101 Instructor.

Learners who participate in the whole course are awarded the TA101 Certificate. This is awarded by the ITAA.

Note: Programmes are listed for the purpose of information only. SAATA does not promote or endorse individuals, organisations, groups or programmes other than those offered by SAATA.

Programme Details:


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SAATA Trainer's Meet

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As decided our group of 11 members met together on 5th morning till 6th evening.  This meeting went beyond the agenda of working together with rigour and passion in developing SAATA and in turn it rewarded the self to own the much-needed delicacies of administering the professional and organizational development of SAATA.  As a bunch of professionals, it is very important that we need to know about each other in moving ahead with a goal to develop our professional capacity and to develop the standards of our organization. I felt proud of the commitment SAATA has on its professional development and the development of its professionals.  The exquisiteness of Yercaud was reflected in each member’s synergy in becoming the whole of SAATA. I believe in becoming a member of SAATA as an organization, is fetching more than the intellectual growth. It provides so much of enthusiasm, belongingness, opportunities for networking, reflections with the self and others and much more. Most enriching aspect of our gathering was the openness we shared in knowing each other’s limitations and capacities.  This paved the way in leaps and bounds to become the professionals we look forward to.  The group and the place had merged to become one in owning SAATA at the end of the meeting.

Yercaud as a place was new to me and I was curious about this hill station whose name I heard only when my colleagues mentioned while we were discussing our meet for trainers. Nevertheless, I knew that the place would be filled with greenery and calmness because the name suggested so. Yercaud is a hill station in Salem district, Tamil Nadu and she owns an abundance of forest signified as the lake forest because she is located near the lake. Even though we did not explore the whole of Yercaud, our meeting surrounded by trees and calmness made a difference to our psychological self and our meeting had spread its wing in its full energy. We did have an evening round to Pagoda point which signifies Buddhist history in Yercaud. The spontaneous flow of rhythm, that attracted Marina viewing the panorama to begin singing a beautiful Malayalam song on mountains and forests. It was a moment of bliss. We never knew the singer in Marina and this place was significant for the singer.

Our meeting was held in Grange resort which was situated amidst the coffee plantations. The Grange is one of the oldest buildings in Yercaud, built in 1820s by the then district, who first introduced coffee from Arabia and apples and other fruits from South Africa between 1820 and 1829. It is believed to have been the summer resort of Robert Clive, general of the East India Company in the late 19th century. The resort was renovated to the present amenities. We all had to gather around the reception counter to succumb to the Wi-Fi network and it was a joy to relieve our self from work to catch up with our family and friends virtually. The buzzing Whatsapp messages poured in all together near the reception counter and we were all busy with our individual space. Like flies we all flew together after our breaks to restart our work. I feel the amount of work we could accomplish within a short span was incredible. The closure was with ardour and fervour.

IDTA Online Gathering

The Institute for Developmental Transactional Analysis (IDTA) has been running an Online Community Gathering since April 2016. SAATA members who wish to attend these webinars need to become IDTA members for a nominal fee of UKP 15 as an Overseas Member. IDTA is willing to consider further reduction in fess if required.

Please email if you are interested.


Stroke City – An experiment

strock city Aruna Gopakumar, PTSTA (P), facilitated “Stroke City” with a group of 8 enthusiasts in Bangalore, India from February to May 2018, to study the beneficial impact of strokes. In her own words, “Stroke City was an experimental therapy group inspired by Claude Steiner’s contact groups in which people could give, accept, ask for, and give themselves strokes in a safe, protected environment. The goal of the group was to help people understand and change their stroke economies. Each session of duration 3.5 hours had four segments: check-in, a brief teach on strokes, 60-min of facilitated stroke exchange called stroke city and the making of contracts with self.

The biweekly practice of healthy stroke exchanges within and outside the group for three months, lively discussions around stroke theory and creative homework exercises allowed participants to deepen awareness about their stroke economies, understand interpersonal and intrapsychic dynamics and develop Adult resources. As they became adept at recognizing the appearance of the Critical Parent, they learnt to give themselves the permissions that they needed. They reported feeling more relaxed. They developed strong bonds with fellow participants. Thus, Stroke City was experienced as a therapeutic process that was fun and efficient for both participants and me."

At the end of the experiment, the participants reflected on their experience of Stroke City. Here's what they had to say:

"Strokecity showed me how to recognise my stroke needs, that strokes are as essential as other basic human needs. I had opportunities to explore them, to ask, to give or reject strokes, appropriating my verbal and behavioural responses. I observed my transactions more closely, amazed how often I regarded critical voices that impacted my behaviours and outcomes as normal. Being part of the group committed to support and challenge, helped me to enhance the quality of my life by appropriating. I was able to address natural progression calling out dormant adaptive behaviours. Everyone was sincere, authentic and claimed their place in the group. Each was a reflector, and reflected a facet of me. I am deeply grateful for the environment to explore and be emotionally honest, to take risks and be welcomed and nudged to open doors to perception. Today, I know how to satisfy my hunger for strokes by simply asking for it!" – Anand.

"My experience through the Stroke City journey has been truly enriching. It has helped me become more comfortable asking for strokes and claiming my space. I've also learnt the need to eliminate critical voices in my head and strive to be more accepting of my true self. I've greatly benefited by learning through others and sharing experiences. The comfort of being part of a close trusted group adds to the overall experience, wherein you know there is no judgement or questions asked." - Krishnaveni

"Oh yes - I am from Stroke City
If you've known me, you'll see I AM differently
Eight of us began this journey new
With our trusted guide, to find intimacy true
To put to rest the voices in our head
And our old inhibitions shed
You wonder my friend how the journey's been
I have indeed some beautiful moments seen
In words, gestures & looks I see strokes everywhere
They were always there, now I am aware
The voices in my head, they come but they go
I don't have to chase them like I did before
That's because I am from Stroke City
If you've known me, you'll see I AM differently" - Prathima.

"I had a very enriching experience being part of Stroke City. At the end of the 6 sessions, I was so comfortable with the group that I felt more alive and in touch with my true self than ever before. And I experienced a sense of unbridled joy and lightness while baring my thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. I learnt to access my free child, ignore the voice of controlling parent in my head and tap into my inner resources to respond with courage when situation demands. I became aware of my stroking patterns and am more adept at asking and receiving strokes rather than just giving. The self stroking exercises were uplifting and I learnt creative ways of dealing with my Achilles Heel, rejecting negative strokes. Last, but not the least, I'm grateful to my trainer Aruna for creating such a safe space for me to explore my potential." - Mona.

"Stroke City for me had multiple meanings and value. It helped me open up to receiving strokes and at the same time balanced the incessant voice that i need strokes for my OKness. I now am able to appreciate the subtle strokes I receive rather than looking to receive strokes the way O want them. It also in turn gave me a perspective of stroking others without going overboard and getting caught in 'look I tried so hard'. I am also now more conscious and aware of the negative strokes from my Critical Parent and am not constantly focused on it." - Vikrant.

"For me, Stroke city is a Stroke Bank to invest and withdraw unconditional strokes. It is space where I can ask for stroke without a thought of being judged. Give strokes with the confidence of being received. I learnt the many ways to stroke especially the verbal ones. Today I acknowledge the varied ways in which the other strokes me. I can redefine a transaction and experience the same as a stroke." - Supriya.
"Through my filters I saw...
Strokes didn't come as I wished
Despondent, I withdraw...
Until Stroke city gently helped.

It is not that there aren't enough strokes around us...
Rather, our own filters stop them from coming over.
I grasped one of 'em filters and peeped over...
Wave upon wave of strokes hit me... So much, I had to take cover

Words I had discounted,
Touches I had avoided
Looks I dare not indulge in

I am now letting in all with a grin smily" - Srinath.

"When I receive a stroke now I notice the voices that crop up in my head. My new evolved parent jumps up saying ' you should receive this positive stroke' . While my old CP says ' oh come on, it need not be true, they are just being courteous'. This is the effort-full me receiving positive strokes these days. I still tend to keep the negative stroke for a while and then evaluate it and through it , yes still receiving it some extent.

But all this is tremendous improvementsmily " – Jayanthi

More power to the power of strokes!

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