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Congratulations to all Candidates


Number of candidates who cleared the SAATA Diploma exams was 42.
Many received their Diploma certificates amidst cheering and applause at the MLL 2019 in Chennai.

2018 also saw the the Pilot Diploma launched and in this format we had oral exams conducted in Bangalore and Mumbai.
It was an experience of the community coming together for exams as well as celebrations.

Congratulations to all candidates.

Sailaja Manacha
VP -Training and Examination

We begin this year with the happy news. The long-awaited partnership agreement with the ITAA is signed. This means SAATA will have a formal representation of its views and needs in the decision making of the ITAA and our members will get to formally receive The Script, the official newsletter of the ITAA, every month. SAATA members will also receive lesser fees at ITAA events. It's a major milestone in our international connection. In her email on this subject to our President Susan George, Diane salters, President of the ITAA had this to say: 'There has long been friendship and close co-operation between ITAA and SAATA and this formalises the partnership. I remember fondly the two of us acting as the 'Farewell Committee' at Kochi as delegates set off on their potentially hazardous journeys... I trust this journey of our two organisations will be easy and very fruitful.'

We have also partnered with IDTA to formally exchange the newsletters to each other' membership.

Looking forward to an exciting year!
Best Wishes
Suriyaprakash C
Secretary, SAATA

Haseena Abdulla's article on "Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama - Convergence and Divergence" got published in Psychodrama and Sociometry Journal in January 2019.

Abstract of the Article: To understand the basic areas of convergence and divergence of two major approaches in psychotherapy and related fields of human interaction. An effort is made to elicit a clinical experience where both these approaches are applied and how they work as an adjunct to each other. This approach helps to emphasize on concepts that can converge and diverge and offer questions for further collaboration with both approaches. Reflections are based on the professional experiences and theoretical learnings of the author.

Membership Fee Details

Membership Fee effective from January 1, 2019

Category Requirement Fees Validity* Voting Rights
Certified Passed CTA Rs. 1500 January to December Yes
Life Passed CTA Rs. 15000 For 15 years Yes
Trainee Endorsed by a SAATA trainer Rs. 800 January to December Yes
Associate Anyone interested in Transactional Analysis Rs. 600 January to December No

Modes of Fee Payment

  1. Online transfer to
    Name: SAATA
    Bank name: Bank of Baroda, Vadavali, Coimbatore
    Account Number: 40370100001662
    Account type  ;  Savings bank
  2. Cheque or Demand draft in favour of SAATA payable in Coimbatore
  3. Cash payments are not accepted effective from 01.01.2018.

Please register / renew your SAATA membership in SAATA website.

SAATA Calendar 2019-2020

* Subject to change.

Year Date Event Facilitator(s) Place
2019 January 3-4 Trainers Meeting Certified Members Chennai
  January 4 BOT Meeting Board of Trustees Chennai
  January 5-6 MLL Certified Members Chennai
  January 7 Relational TA workshop Jo Stuthridge Chennai
    Relational TA workshop Jo Stuthridge Bengaluru
  February 11 CTA Exam Workshop Ragini, Chitra, Sai Bengaluru
  March 15 Pilot Diploma (Cycle 2) Handbook Release
  April 15 CTA Exam Workshop Ragini, Chitra, Sai Bengaluru
  May 1 Diploma Exam Writing Workshop (Regular and Pilot) Haseena and Prathitha Bengaluru
  July 4 Trainers Meeting & Markers Workshop & SAATA Business Certified Members Zoom Meetings
  July  17-18 Trainers Process Workshop John Heath Bengaluru
  July 19 Trainers MLL Meeting Certified Members Bengaluru
  September 1 Last date: Advanced Diploma Written Exam Submission
  September 21-22 Ethics Workshop Suriya and Susan Bengaluru
  November 1 Last date: Diploma (regular format) Exam Submission
  November 15 Last date: Advanced Diploma Oral Exam Application Form Submission
2020 January 9-10 Trainers Meeting Certified Members Coimbatore
  January 9-10 Adv. Diploma Oral Exam (5 pm-8 pm) Coimbatore
  January 10 BOT Meeting Board of Trustees Coimbatore
  January 11-12 MLL Certified Members Coimbatore
  June 25 Pilot Diploma Oral Exam Bengaluru
  September 25 CTA Oral Exam IBOC Bengaluru
  September 26-27 SAATA Conference Bengaluru
  September 28 Post-conference Institutes Bengaluru

TA 101

The official TA101 Course: Purpose, Requirements and Certification

The TA101 course is the official introduction to transactional analysis. Its purpose is to provide consistent and accurate information about TA concepts.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify as a TA101 course recognized by the ITAA:

  • The course content must include content as specified in Section 4.2 of the ITAA Training and Examinations Handbook
  • The course must be at least twelve hours long
  • TA101 instructors must be officially recognized; so they must be
    – a Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a Provisional Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a CTA who is endorsed as a TA101 Instructor.

Learners who participate in the whole course are awarded the TA101 Certificate. This is awarded by the ITAA.

Note: Programmes are listed for the purpose of information only. SAATA does not promote or endorse individuals, organisations, groups or programmes other than those offered by SAATA.

Programme Details:


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Trainers Meet January 2019 - Prathitha Gangadhan

Attendees at the venue: Susan George, C Suriya Prakash, Sailaja Manacha, Aruna Gopakumar, Haseena Absulla, Anisha Pandya, Seema Pradhan, Deepak Dhananjay, Joy Roshan, Prathitha Gangadhan

Attended on Zoom: Chitra Ravi, Ragini Rao(Day 1 till 2 PM), I.A Mohanraj

The TA community of India heralds the TA New Year with the Multi-Level Learning or MLL as it is popularly known. The precursor to this is the trainers meet. It is taken as a time to reflect on the year that has been, to celebrate the achievements and retrospect on the lost opportunities before setting the agenda for the year. The trainers meet kicked off with the people who had already reached Chennai as folks traveling in the morning from Bangalore were hit by the fog that is customary at this time of the year. A large part of the reflections was about the unique experience that defined the Kochi conference due to the natural disaster that affected the event. Newcomers to the meeting, Seema, Deepak and Joy, were welcomed.

One of the main agendas for the day was the Pilot exams that had just concluded its first year, in November’18. Sailaja had planned it out well by collecting the feedback in advance which she had consolidated and made available for the meeting. We split ourselves into teams and brainstormed the different aspects and had a discussion in the common quorum. Everyone agreed that some changes were needed to incorporate the learnings and make it robust. A committee has been constituted to thrash out the details before announcing the 2019 version.

Another subject that held interest due to its promise for the community was the design of the ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of TA’ to be offered in association with CLL-TISS. Aruna and Suriyaprakash, who front ended the initiative, made a presentation. Much credit to them that there were no major changes suggested. Another aspect taken up was the standardization of the TA 101 Certificate and the handout to ensure uniformity and ensure protection against unethical use.

Deepak made an impassioned plea on the lack (he had data of number of hits that barely reached double digits!!) of use of SAATA Journal and stressed on how it can help build the standards of the SAATA community if we gave it the necessary gravitas. It was a pleasant surprise to note that the SAJTA as the SAATA journal is called, was referred by 2 trainees from the UK in their Diploma exams! All the trainers have assured of reading and using SAJTA besides contributing for it.

In addition to the regular business like the conferences, MLLs, in-house SAATA programs, there was a discussion on the “business continuity” of SAATA.  There has been a proposal of drafting in talents beyond certified members based on competence to hold posts besides identifying members to shadow the current office bearers to make the transition easy for the office bearers into and out of their roles.

Requirement for an Operations manual has been put on record and members have been drafted reporting to the Secretary to initiate work on this.

The MLL planning was the concluding session of the trainers meet.

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