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TAzzle by Priya Veeraraghavan
Solve this TA crossword and mail us your solution to The first 3 winners (TAzzlers) would be featured in the next issue alongwith the solution. Have fun and happy learning 😊

1) An award established to give recognition to individuals who have made major contributions to transactional analysis (4)
2) The positive converse of a driver (7)
4) A stuck place (7)
6) Invitation into game playing (3)
7) The specific sequence of areas making up the three contact doors for different adaptations (4)
8) Moment of confusion experienced by a game-player immediately after the Switch (7)
9) The area of contact door in which the person is most heavily defended and is most likely to get stuck (4)
11) The process script which reflects the belief 'If something good happens today, I'll have to pay for it tomorrow' (5)
15) Berne referred to P1 as this (9)
16) A non-profit, member-driven educational organization founded by Eric Berne to help advance the theory, methods and principles of transactional analysis (4)
17) The third position on the miniscript, reflecting the life position I+U- (6)
18) She developed the antithesis to the Karpman's triangle (4)

1) Negative script message transmission also referred to as 'passing the 'Hot potato'' (9)
3) An intuitive graphical assessment of the functional ego state parts in our personality (7)
5) A transaction where one sends a message directly through a third person (5)
9) C1 is also referred to as this (6)
12) Of behaviours, feelings etc. exhibited by the individual when in script (7)
13) Position #2 of the OK Miniscript (4)
14) Non-winning script (5)

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