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The TSTA journey – A conversation between Sai & Ragini

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Sailaja Manacha   Ragini Rao

Sai: Welcome to this conversation. I'm Sai, and I'm a Transactional Analyst, a Psychotherapist and a Teacher. And I'm joined in this conversation by a colleague. Ragini, please introduce yourself.

Ragini: Yeah, Hi. I’m Ragini Rao. I’m also a Transactional Analyst, a Therapist, a Teacher and a Supervisor.

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Report SAATA VP-Training & Examinations Jan-Dec 2017

Chitra Ravi
VP – Training & Examination
We had 19 successful diploma exams in the year 2017, which is the highest number so far and approximately triple the number, as compared to the number of passes in 2016.
  • This indicates that the changes made in Jan & May 2017 in the Diploma exam have possibly made it easier for SAATA trainees to do the exam.  
  • It was also possible to manage marking so many exams because of the higher availability of Certified members in the SAATA examiner pool.  Their willingness to enable and offer themselves for marking exams is highly appreciated.  A special mention of Aruna Gopakumar, Hasina Manipal, Anisha Pandey.
  • There is a need for an Examiner’s Workshop in the year 2018.
We also have the first examinee passing the Advanced Diploma exam
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- Sarmishta Mani
arr The Rewarding CTA Journey
- Karolina Jovanoska
arr The Relationship Garden
- Sheena Yusuf
arr Children-The Magical Beings
- Rajeshwari Bharath
arr A Journey to Discover Self
- Tasnuva Huque

Creative Corner
Mental Health
- Jayashree Swaminathan

The plAyground
- Nandhini Thangavelu



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