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SAATA ITAA Conference-2016 team
The Playground - Nandhini Thangavelu home

I am an entrepreneur and  a career counselor. I am curious  to know myself deeper and enthusiastic to work with people in regards to their career. In such pursuit, I completed M.Sc Psychotherapy from TNOU, certified as a career counselor from Banjara Academy and advanced TA trainee.  I love to meditate, exercise and explore my mind through body.
I believe that change is the only  constant and I change by learning and experiencing.

Parent Adult and Child 
All playing so wild
With players around 
In the TA playground 
I stood and smiled
As a TA child
Miming the rhymes 
Of OK and NOT OK 
To learn and converse 
With less remorse 
And find Her Highness 
In the course

On a merry go round 
I go round and round 
With my rackets 
All around
Games and dramas
Ah I found! 
I've been spellbound
By scripts that impound
I mulled and rebelled
To breakthrough the mould
And feel the cold

Oh what a ground
To play around!
With so many tools
I can toggle around.
TIFF, BAR and all
Thus came a mall
To recall the thrall
And stall the befall
What a relief!
To sit with belief
Yea! Script and all 
I am gonna kick them all!

With TA in the saddle
I decided to straddle!
And now I go
To sit with my poodle ;)

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Creative Corner
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- Jayashree Swaminathan

The plAyground
- Nandhini Thangavelu



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