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2. An outdated strategy that satisfies all psychological hungers adopted as a young child aimed at confirming our basic existential position (5)
6. A familiar emotion, learned and encouraged in childhood, expressed in many different stress situations (6, 8)
8. Self –reinforcing, distorted system of feelings, thoughts and actions maintained by script bound individuals (6, 6)
9. Un-aware ignoring information relevant to the solution of a problem (11)
10. Simple but powerful diagram for analyzing games devised by Karpman (5, 8)

1. A consistent pattern of feeling and experience directly related to a corresponding consistent pattern of behavior (3, 6)
3. Ways of satisfying structure hunger (4, 11)
4. An explicit bilateral commitment to a well-defined course of action (8)
5. A life plan made in childhood, reinforced by parents, justified by subsequent events and culminating in a chosen alternative (4, 6)
7. Unit of recognition (7)

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arr My experience of being elected as the next President of the ITAA
- Chitra Ravi
arr From our SAATA Past President
- Susan George

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Poem: The Three
In a line like a regimental order,

- Lokesh Rasinkar
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