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Julie-Hay Julie Hay, TSTA (Organisational, Psychotherapy, Educational – and contracted trainee in Counselling). She is a past president of the International and European TA associations (ITAA, EATA), Editor of the International Journal of TA Research & Practice ( , founder of the International Centre for TA Qualifications ( and manager of the international scheme for TA Proficiency Awards (to children, parents, teachers, etc).

Earlier this year I submitted my written exam for the Counselling field CTA and the feedback I received mentioned confusion because I had used the terms coaching and counselling interchangeably. The assessor liked that I grappled with the complexity of defining both terms, and then reiterated that I needed to produce my own working definitions. This article is what I have produced alongside doing this in preparation for my oral exam. I welcome feedback from readers, particularly before I take the oral exam in India on 15th August.

My first experience, in the 1970s, of providing what I thought of as TA coaching and which became counselling, was of a one-to-one session with a participant who had attended a TA-based management training programme I had run. Expecting to provide some form of organisational coaching, we ended up closing escape hatches (successfully) when she announced in our first session that she was suicidal. I went on to coach/counsel people within the organisation about topics such as severe birth deformities (thalidomide) as well as about team working and leadership. I contrast that with my more recent experience as a psychotherapist within prisons, when I sometimes counselled/coached inmates in the life skills they had never acquired.

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This artical is appeared in IDTA Newsletter 13:2 and it is reproduced in this issue with permission.

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