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World Conference of TA - 2017, Berlin, Germany - Rosemary Kurian home
Kousalya-Karthikeyan Rose is a trainer/educator and has chosen specialization in TA Education. She is currently training with Dr.Susan George and Karen Pratt.
She ardently believes that everyone is entitled to a beautiful & fulfilling life and that, it is achievable with the right learning, attitude and resolve. The essence of her training style is to reach out with 'meraki', which essentially means that she believes in delivering the concepts for growth and change with a dash of creativity, love, and soul.

Boundaries – a place … to meet … to develop … to define identity

This was my first international TA conference. Needless to say, I was walking around the whole-time wide eyed with the excitement of a six-year-old in Disneyland. You have to excuse my enthusiasm because, in my defence, I would like to say that I have been an avid reader all my life but I had never really met an author in person yet. And here I was, surrounded by so many authors whose works and ideas I have read with such amazement. Can you imagine my delight? I very nearly went up to Julie Hay for a selfie but ended up blurting out something that I don't remember now. I have made a mental note to indulge my Child by actually taking a selfie with her when we meet next.

Rose in front of Berlin University.

Berlin, with its history, was indeed the right place to have a conversation about borders and walls – walls that separate, walls that unite, walls that protect, walls that distance and of course, walls that can be broken. Berlin is the living example that really demonstrates how by not holding on to one's history, one can change one's destiny – that it is possible to steer into a beautiful future, no matter what the past was! I could feel this hopefulness. positivity and freedom in the air, plus, the weather was very good (going there from Chennai, it was pure bliss!).

This, certainly, was one of the busiest conferences I have been part of, with over 1000 delegates from all over the world – different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, languages, with the common thread of TA holding everyone together. The burst of languages inside the elevators was one thing I absolutely enjoyed. Listening to the sounds, the tone and the tune of different languages and yet, the commonality in spirit making the other barriers fade. This really was at the heart of most of the workshops that I attended. From Giles Barrow, Trudi Newton, Rhae Hooper, Jan Grant, Mark Widdowson, John McNeel, Evelyne Papaux – all such invigorating workshops, each offering new and fresh perspectives about how TA can constantly evolve and present exhilarating interpretations of the present that are valid and useful.

There were constant invitations to fearlessly and responsibly experiment with TA and to think beyond the borders with curiosity. Mark Widdowson, who is the first winner of the ITAA Research Award, emphasized on the importance of evidence based studies in TA. TA research journals are available for online access at

Adrianne Lee's Muriel James award acceptance speech summarized my learnings from being part of this TA community. She says the 4 P's that she goes by are Potential, Passion, Perseverance, and Probity. And really, what TA offers is the 'courage' to hold on to these 4Ps to grow, not out of fear but out of sheer will to grow, change and evolve.

arr World Conference of TA - 2017, Berlin, Germany
- Rosemary Kurian
arr The Strength of a Woman
- Dr. Navina S
arr Inner GPS
- Namita Shetty
arr Peacefully Messy
- Sheena Yusuf
arr A Curriculum to Release, Recognise and Respond
- Karuna Guruprasad
arr Healing the Shame that Binds You
- Sarmishta Mani
arr Sex in Human Loving
- Srinath Nadathur

Creative Corner
Rainbow Bridge
- Prasad Naveen



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