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Tributes to PK Saru on her 80th Birthday

P K Saru
Our founder president, P K Saru, has completed 80 years of fruitful living on this earth. The fact that she has touched many lives in various ways is obvious from the birthday celebrations in various cities spread over a month. Saru's life transformed when she met Fr. George Kandathil in 1988. She was recovering from a major heart surgery and Fr. George told her, "Use your pain to heal the pain of others." She took this seriously and en-tered TA training in 1989 and there has been no looking back. She passed her CTA in 1993 at Kochi (then Co-chin) and TEW in Minneapolis and co-trained with Fr. George at Coimbatore. She began her independent training group in 1995 at Chennai. I was part of that group and most of us got together this month to sign a birthday card for her - a reflection that we still cherish warm memories of that journey. The energy she brings to and derives from her training groups is enormous and this has led to her large number of groups in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Bangladesh and even Iran. Even as I write this, she is on her way to Bangla-desh. Her ability to connect with people at both personal and professional levels has brought trainees from vari-ous parts of the world to India. This has led to a number of international conferences and quality training culmi-nating in the founding of SAATA.

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TASC - Madras Committe

Saru PK Felicitated
The TA Study Circle Madras recently celebrated its Ruby Jubilee on the 13th of January 2018 in hotel Vestin park. It has been hosting monthly sessions on transactional analysis for the past 40 years, where experts and amateur learners share their learnings and experience in these sessions. This shows that there is so much to discuss in TA how TA has evolved over the years.

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SAATA announces Mohanraj IA as the recipient of the first SAATA Service Award for the year 2018

Mohanraj IA

SAATA Service Award
SAATA is pleased to announce that I.A, Mohanraj is the recipient of the maiden SAATA Service Award for 2018. The Board of Trustees is proud to confer this award to Mohan in recognition of his continued commitment in serving our community in various capacities since before and from the inception of SAATA.

The nomination statement below captures the essence of his contribution succinctly. The award will be presented at the ITAA-SAATA conference in Kochi next August. Mohan can be reached at

Suriyaprakash C
Secretary, SAATA
Nomination Statement
Nominee: I.A. Mohanraj, CTA(O)

I.A.Mohanraj (Mohan) is a founder trustee of SAATA. He served as the Treasurer of SAATA since its inception in 2007 till 2013. Later when the then Secretary Suriyaprakash wanted to step down from office for personal reasons, Mohan readily agreed to take on the mantle for a year. In both his long years a Treasurer and his short stint as Secretary, Mohan has contributed significantly to the establishment, advancement and growth of SAATA as an organisation promoting transactional analysis in the region. He has also demonstrated high standards of integrity and discipline in the way he managed these two important positions from an OK-Ok position with a spirit of generosity, and when needed firmness from the commitment to its founding principles, policies and procedures.

Eric Berne referred to the group apparatus, whose responsibility is to protect the integrity of the boundary of any group. Mohan has served as the group apparatus of SAATA being in charge of the finances as treasurer and membership. It is never an easy job to monitor the finances of a new organisation, especially a membership body like SAATA with very less membership fees and hardly any other source of income. And Mohan took care of that with care and diligence that is needed for such a role, even though he is not a person with finance or accounting background.

His contribution to the spread of TA went much before SAATA was formed where he was in charge of finances and/or registration of all the international TA conferences (Coimbatore - 1997, Bangalore - 2004, Chennai - 2012 and Coimbatore - 2016) and the regional meet 'saying hello!' All these events were successful both from registrations and financial perspective. Mohan had a significant pivotal role to play on all of these.

Many would like to be in the limelight and wish to be the centre of attention on the stage, but it is the work of committed people behind the scenes which makes that possible. Mohan is one such unsung hero who was ALWAYS present in all Indian TA events steering and motivating the backend team, spending several late hours pouring through realms of account statements, responding patiently to unending phone calls and staring at the numbers on the computer screens, which makes the front end proceedings go on smoothly and apparently effortless.

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