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As we step forward into another issue, there is a change of guard at the editorial desk….. here I come, with important announcements to share,…. the foremost being the ITAA – SAATA Conference 2018, themed “Dance with Culture” to be held in Kochi, India in August 2018. Mark your calendar and let’s meet in the conference to share and experience the evolving cultures.

As we speak of culture, we discern the cultural implications on the boundary settings. Boundaries bring order, strengthen the relationship and are very essential. In keeping with this context MLL 2018 will focus on “Walls & Bridges – Exploring Boundaries and Relationship

Tossing plenty of confetti in air to celebrate the successful examinees – Sailaja TSTA (P), Ragini TSTA (P), Prathitha CTA (P) and Deepak – the first TA trainee to have dared SAATA Advanced Diploma Writen Exam and passed with remarkable scoring. Congratulations!

In this issue, we have created a dimension to connect dots with enthusiastic educators, creative visulaizers, soulful influencers, compassionate professionals and mindful coaches who work with skills, experiences and frameworks that are parallel to Transactional Analysis to help change, to lend a hand in support, to comprehend emotions and to playfully create magic in the lives they touch. The writers have experienced TA either by training, reading or through personal experiences and therefore know that the spirit of all frameworks is in harmonizing intentions and outcomes….

ta-da ….the book reviews are here, ”Healing the Shame that Binds You” and Sex in Human Loving”  refereed by  Sarmishta and Srinath are comprehensive with content details, candid in review and convenient in perceiving the crux before reading the book. 

I am happy and cheery, to let you know that our very own Managing Editor, Srinath and his wife are eagerly awaiting their bundle of joy to arrive into their family…..any time now…sending lots of love and wishes to them……

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Rema K Giridhar
Co Editor
arr World Conference of TA - 2017, Berlin, Germany
- Rosemary Kurian
arr The Strength of a Woman
- Dr. Navina S
arr Inner GPS
- Namita Shetty
arr Peacefully Messy
- Sheena Yusuf
arr A Curriculum to Release, Recognise and Respond
- Karuna Guruprasad
arr Healing the Shame that Binds You
- Sarmishta Mani
arr Sex in Human Loving
- Srinath Nadathur

Creative Corner
Rainbow Bridge
- Prasad Naveen



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