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Come, let’s dance!

Srinath The FIFA World Cup 2018 brought with it many interesting moments, like the high-octane commentary of Shaiju Damodaran, the internet going crazy with memes depicting Brazilian player Neymar’s false falls & rolls and the inevitable who’s the greatest player face-offs among fans – starring Argentinian star Lionel Messi vs. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

32 countries vying for top honors in an event broadcast to around 150 countries worldwide is quite a global phenomenon, and by the time you read this, you’ll have a fair idea of the finalists, if not the champion team itself. The story that touched many hearts though, was from Japan. After suffering a heart-breaking defeat against Belgium in the Round of 16, Japanese fans proceeded to clean up the stands while the players cleaned up their dressing rooms, leaving a parting “Thank You” note to the organizers. In the backdrop of a fiercely competitive physical sport such as football, such gestures speak highly of the “culture” of a nation, inspiring us to be mindful global citizens even as we compete with each other across various fields.

Before you start wondering if this is a sports column, let me introduce this issue's content to you. We are proud to present for the first time, "TA Talks" – a brand new video series where TA professionals speak about various topics through short-videos. Check out our first episode of the series on Co-Creative TA. In the News section, we bring to you the latest TA 101 schedules, an abstract from the SAATA Trainer's meet, a write-up on Stroke City – an experiment, information about the IDTA Online Gathering and Sari's workshop to "Realise your potential". Head or TAle, our fun corner that debuted in the first Anniversary issue, has a TA Word Search this time, in addition to the 2nd instalment of TAzzle – The TA Crossword. Congratulations to the winners of TAzzle 1.0! The solutions for the crossword and the comics from the previous issue are also included in this section. Unfortunately, we didn't get any responses for the comics, so we've discontinued them for this issue. Do write to us if you'd like to see them again. Our "Experiences" section has 5 articles covering a variety of topics. Julie Hay's article on "TA Counselling – or is it Coaching?" takes a deep-dive into the fields of TA specialization. Kiran Katawa shares his recent experience of a partly TA-based Coach Training Program he attended, and the connections he made between TA concepts and Coaching. Geethan delves into the 4 dimensions of handling change, Ramya shares expertise on how to become socially intelligent and Siva takes us through the construct of Lucid Dreaming and how to use it for personal transformation. Creative Corner sees the return of Jayashree with a poster on Dyslexia, and gets a poetic touch through Srividya's poem "Tchotchke". As always, please let us know what you loved and hated about the newsletter using the feedback form, and we will focus on serving your interests better!

Our own World Cup is round the corner as well, with only 30-odd days left! Delegates from 15 countries will descend on God's Own Country in August 2018 to experience the "Dance of Culture", the International Transactional Analysis Conference. With 40 insightful workshops, brilliant keynote speakers, a gala dinner and the opportunity to meet & greet fellow practitioners from around the globe, this is a must-attend event! Come, let's dance.

Srinath Nadathur
Managing Editor

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Creative Corner
TA Word Search

TAzzle - The TA Crossword

Solutions & Winners of Previous Issue
arr What is TA Counselling
- Julie Hay
arr In Making Change
- A Geethan
arr Coaching and TA
- Kiran Katawa
arr Lucid Dreaming
- Sivakumar Palaniappan
arr Becoming Socially Intelligent
- Ramya Maheswari

Creative Corner
Dyslexia - A Poster
- Jayashree Swaminathan

Poem: Tchotchke
- Srividya Sivakumar


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