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And so the SAATA Newsletter turns 2 … 2 years. 24 months. 104 weeks. 730 days. 17520 hours. More than a million minutes. Now, that sounds like a milestone doesn’t it ? Oh, thank you for the applause, thank you ! We are grateful, and yes, please take your seat. It is time for the Oscar acceptance speech. If only this were a movie and I Meryl Streep. Maybe my words would make you cry.

I suppose crying is quite appropriate in these times, as people getting shot or blown to bits while praying, working, studying or just breathing doesn’t even make the cut for “breaking news” anymore. A year ago we celebrated our 1st anniversary, muted as a mark of respect for the brutality a child had to experience. And here we are again, marking our entry into toddlerhood while mourning the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians at the hands of terror. Our hearts go out to the near and dear ones of the deceased, and with renewed vigour, we will bring to you stories from the trenches, of people transforming their lives through compassion, self-awareness and healthy relationships. We need these now more than ever, as violence and extremism threaten to wipe us out even before climate change does.

Perhaps it is best to introduce the Creative Corner first-up, as the child-like nature of creativity energises us. Prasad’s artistic depiction of the journey of a TA practitioner is a sight to behold, and the two lovely poems by Pragnesh and Rachana celebrate the excitement of applying TA to the self and to relationships. A rich line-up of experiences include a poignant “Child is the father of man” by Ravikumar, a breezy “Japan Nalla Japan” by Mathangi, analytical Kiran’s “Thinking”, a touching “Relationship transformation” by Bhavani Shankar, useful tips for online love by Dr. Rizwana and an exploration of life positions by Ragini Rao.

“TA Talks” features a conversation between Deepak Dhananjaya and Jo Stuthridge on “Relational Approach in Transactional Analysis”, where a lot of myths are debunked.

In the ‘TA News’ section, Sailaja Manacha, VP - Training and Exams, has some important updates regarding the SAATA Diploma Pilot Manual. The dates and details of the upcoming exam writing workshop are also finalised as are the dates of some of the upcoming TA 101s.

Priya celebrates the completion of her first year as co-editor with a kickass TAzzle dedicated to the Who’s Who of psychology. Many congratulations to Priya, and to the winner (Radhika) and runner-up (Kavya) of the previous TAzzle.

Finally, a reminder about the Caselet contest we announced in January 2019. It is an ongoing contest and we invite each one of you to Pen A Caselet and email it to us ( ! You can view the details of the contest in this issue as well. Here’s the link.

Thank you for journeying with us. I wish you an immersive experience!

Srinath Nadathur
Managing Editor


Dear Members

I'm writing this note on the second anniversary of the relaunch of our newsletter, the aftermath of the dastardly terror attack in Sri Lanka. I feel extremely disturbed ever since I heard the news. It is not the reaction to this single incidence, but it is a cumulative effect of many such almost on a regular basis in the recent years.

The sense of outrage and helplessness I feel is inexplicable. It is subtly brewing and affecting my being on a daily basis. I'm only wondering how as transactional analysts help ourselves, others and communities at large in coping with these affects, in a healthy manner. I believe transactional analysis has immense scope in helping not only individuals but also society at large in healing the past and moving ahead with love and compassion.

I've noticed in our newsletter members sharing many experiences of how they find peace and compassion for self and others through their encounter with TA. My hearty congratulations to the newsletter team who have offered this space for us to share such experiences in varied creative ways. Bringing these volumes every quarter is not an easy feat. Kudos to Srinath, Rema and Priya for keeping the fire burning.

I invite and urge all our members to share more such stories so that we seed and spread positivity around us in these times when hate and cowardice is being spewed all around us!

Suriyaprakash C
Secretary, SAATA

Head or Tail
TAzzle - The TA Crossword

Solutions & Winners of Previous Issue
arr Attitude Change – Understanding Life Positions to Make the Difference
- Ragini Rao
arr Overthinking, Thinking or Underthinking?
- Kiran Katawa
arr Child is the Father of the Man
- Ravikumar Ramanathan
arr Japan Nalla Japan
- Mathangi Ramprasad
arr Love is Online
- Dr. Rizwana Nulwala
arr Relationship Transformation
- Bhavani Shankar

Creative Corner
Poem: Here and Now
- Pragnesh Patel
Journey of a TA Practitioner
- Prasad Naveen
Poem: TA,TA Where Will You Take Me Today
- Rachana Mittal


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