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MLL 2018

Multi-Level Training ((MLT) was born in 2001 to enhance the professional and ethical competencies of the TA community in South India. This annual event has grown over the years catering to specific felt needs of trainers and trainees. While there is a topic or theme to the sessions, the process is learner-centred, allowing for learners to contract for outcomes and walk away with varying outcomes. This encouraged us to rename the event as Multi-Level Learning (MLL) in 2014.

MLL offers a semi-structured, process-driven learning context as opposed to traditional content driven training. Learners would reap maximum benefits if they sign up with an awareness of this, own their learning, and participate with an open mind. Process-driven learning allows for several here-and-now opportunities to see TA concepts in action and allows for rich learning.

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TA 101 Program Details
October 28 – 29,  2017 Bangalore Sailaja Manacha TSTA (P)
November 10 – 11, 2017 Bangalore Chitra Ravi TSTA (P)
December 2 – 3,  2017 Mumbai Suriyaprakash C TSTA(O)

SAJTA Journal – Call for Articles

SAJTA (South Asia Journal of Transactional Analysis - originally was named SAATA Journal) is an initiative to promote transactional analysis application in various fields: psychotherapy, counselling, education and organization. This is published online twice every year (January and July).

SAJTA Editorial Board call for Articles to be published in next issue. Theme for January 2018 Issue is "Boundaries in Relationships". Deadline for submissions: November 1st 2017. Please write to

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SAATA Newsletter – Call for News, Information and Articles

SAATA Newsletter editorial board call in content for January 2018 issue. Please do send in your contributions before December 10th 2017. Please send in your contributions to

arr World Conference of TA - 2017, Berlin, Germany
- Rosemary Kurian
arr The Strength of a Woman
- Dr. Navina S
arr Inner GPS
- Namita Shetty
arr Peacefully Messy
- Sheena Yusuf
arr A Curriculum to Release, Recognise and Respond
- Karuna Guruprasad
arr Healing the Shame that Binds You
- Sarmishta Mani
arr Sex in Human Loving
- Srinath Nadathur

Creative Corner
Rainbow Bridge
- Prasad Naveen



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