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Meet the crazies, who requested their kith and kin to write about them! Guess they hadn't heard of the warning "Be careful what you wish for!" Mohanraj turned out to be lucky, getting one of the best introductions. The others, well... read on to find out!

I .A. Mohanraj, CTA (O) - Adviser

Difficult to enter his heart,
Others fear his honesty,
Powerful voice awakens the soul,
Charismatic personality,
A Sympathetic listener,

Intelligent & Confident in mentoring,
Talented in observing
Clarity in communicating,
Brilliant in performing,
Resourceful & Generous in sharing,
Safe in Secret sharing, (actually very very safe)
Artistic in coloring,

Humble, Kind & Sociable human being,
Family is not a important thing, it is everything,
Avoiding criticism is your bravery
Unconditional love & acceptance is in your blood
The world is less scary when I'm with you,
Every little thing you do, I'm amazed by you,
I'm proud & hats off to you. - by Viji Mohanraj
Mohanraj I A
Mohanraj IA
Viji Mohanraj
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Srinath Nadathur - Managing Editor

Srinath Nadathur
Yes this is Srinath
not Baby Giraffe
165 centimeters. That's how much he has grown since the 1980s. The only other competition to such a pacy growth is the speed with which he eats. Suffice to say that he has made many friends through the many hours spent at the breakfast-lunch-dinner table, blurring the boundaries between meals and sometimes even confusing the Sun. Aside of such stupendous achievements, he keeps working so much on himself, that he sometimes gets lost within a few kilometers of where he lives. Perhaps it's not so preposterous to think that Google got the idea to develop Maps purely by observing him for some time. A body-builder since birth, he is known for mental strength (occasional outbursts aside), as described in this ode by a friend (believe it all at your own risk):

When there is severe body pain, we wish for magic, applying a balm

When we have mental pain, he is the one who does magic by keeping us all calm

Body, mind and intellect are all taken over by his charm!

In case you stumbled on to this page to kill time, there's some more boring stuff about him here that may help you in your noble cause.

Rema K Giridhar - Co-editor

Rema K Giridhar thinks
she is wearing a Nerd
Glass and imagines that
therefore she is smart
A seasoned writer (a pinch of salt will help otherwise very well-seasoned) She behaves like she knows it all and knows what she is doing (we hate to admit it she generally knows it all and knows what she is doing). Highly nonchalant but (note we are using the word 'BUT') paddles like hell underneath to achieve goals.

Rema can give a tough fight to Atlas, in carrying the whole universe on the shoulders, takes responsibilities like really really seriously that she has landed in emergency a few times and ended up giving her piece of mind to the medicos of how perfectly they should be doing the job….yeah you are right she is banned in emergencies ….

A dignified, self-reliant, independent, over achiever who claims that her favorite word is contemplate, hear her in her own words – I like to ponder, introspect, muse, reflect, conjecture and sometimes(maybe mostly) day dream on the numerous possibilities and the bandwidth to which a human mind can think and then act. And that is exactly what got me to this editorial desk so I can flex my neurons further with the all-time sparking synapses.

Rema knows five languages: English, Tamil, Sarcasm, Truth and Love. She cuts the chase in the most diplomatic way ever possible - a big no no to a topsy turvy world and strives against chaos both of the environment and mind.. There is a certain way to get her to like being genuine, open, sincere, loyal and trustworthy.. be wary she can knock your lights out with her fluent and garrulous PJs, we generally laugh for it to save ourselves from her joke explanations (you can die from it with Asphyxia). No wonder her husband is called a laughing Buddha ...

She is a moron oops that is the typo she is an oxymoron ex: she is clearly confused . She is not normal. Those of you who know her, will have a wide grin on your face, reading that sentence. Now that's between us. Actually I meant she is special. Wink. smiley



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