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TA Contributions from INDIA – Julie Hay – Inaugural Speech

Over the years, there have been many contributions to transactional analysis theory and practice from TA professionals based in India. Drego, Summerton, Kandathil, PK Saru, Suriyaprakash – are just some of those who have provided notable developments in terms of theory, approaches to philosophy, ethics and spirituality, aspects of culture and context, and the professional development of transactional analysts. This celebration of those contributions consider how their ideas have been incorporated into the world body of TA knowledge, and applied by the international TA community across the various fields of TA practice.

Floods in Kerala prevented Julie Hay from making the inaugural speech at The Dance of Culture ITAA-SAATA Conference August 17-19 2018 in Kochi, Kerala, India. Below is the link for the video recording she has made afterwards of her intended speech, together with links to the PowerPoint presentation and the list of references.

Julie Hay Inaugural Speech

Co-Operation for Innovation – Sari van Poelje – Key Note Speech

In this time of accelerating change, we see the struggle to embrace uncertainty, and not fall back on strong leaders to direct us. If we want to move forward practising shared leadership is essential. One person cannot deal with the complexity of today’s environment. However, we routinely find it hard to cooperate across countries, disciplines and backgrounds. In this workshop, we will share the five guidelines and three competencies necessary to create communities of cooperation, to heal what divides us, and move towards global communities of cooperation. By the end of the keynote, you will know when to cooperate, how to cooperate, and what competencies you need to develop to create a partnership in work and life.

Sari van Poelje – Conference Key Note

ITAA – SAATA Conference 2018