By Air

The Kochi International Airport is well connected to major cities all across India and the world. From the airport, the main city centre is about 29 kilometres away. Buses, taxis, cabs, and trains can be used for the purpose of reaching the requisite destination from the airport.

By Train

Kochi is well connected to all the major railway stations in India. Most of the Kerala bound trains have a stop at either of the two railway stations in Kochi – Ernakulam Town Station and Ernakulam Junction Station. From the railway station, one can board a bus, a taxi or a cab to reach the required destination in Kochi.

By Bus

Kochi has a strong network of Kerala State Run Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus services that connect it to all the major cities in Kerala and with some of the major cities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Air-conditioned deluxe Volvo bus services are available from Kochi to cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum.

Road/Self Drive

Hopping into a cab or a taxi and driving to Kochi from nearby cities is another feasible and fun way to reach Kochi. Driving through the beautiful countryside of Kerala is a beautiful experience in itself. An extensive network of national highways and local roads link Kochi to major cities across India.

By Water

One can reach Kochi by water from destinations like Goa, Mumbai, Lakshadweep, Colombo and Male. There are regular yachts and cruise ship services on these routes and make for a scenic journey. The interconnecting scenic backwaters provide regular boat services from places like Kottayam, Kumarakom, and Allepey to Kochi.


  • Bus

Kochi boasts of an excellent network of buses (both government-run and private) that not only connect all parts of the city, but also connects Kochi to most parts of Kerala. Buses are also a cheap means of transportation in Kochi.

  • Taxi

There are more than a few car/taxi rental agencies in Kochi from where you can hire a cab to get around the city. Kochi has many attractions and things to do, and so hiring a cab is a good idea to enjoy all that Kochi has to offer.

  • Auto-rickshaw

Auto-rickshaws are a comfortable and cheap means of transportation in Kochi. Auto stands are fairly well distributed all over the city and you can find them at almost all the bus stands. Pre-paid auto stands are available at railway stations.

The government fixed rates for auto fares starts at Rs. 10 for the first 1.25 kilometres and Rs. 6 per kilometre thereafter with a premium of 15% at night (charged from 7 pm till 6 am).

  • Ferry

Ferries are perhaps the easiest means of transportation in Kochi, apart from being a lot of fun. Kochi has a superb systemwell-connectedcted inter-island ferries. One of the most popular ferry services is the Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) ferry service between Fort Kochi and Vypeen islands

  • Cycle

The Fort Kochi area in Kochi is the perfect place to be explored on bicycle. There are dedicated tracks specially built for cyclists in Fort Kochi. The Fort also has many attractions, as well as bars and pubs which are best explored on a bike.


Area Geography

Kochi is a beautiful town in the Ernakulum district of Kerala. It is located on the south-west coast of India at 9°58’N 76°13’E and covers an area of 94.88 square kilometres. The city is situated at the northern end of a peninsula, which is 1.6 kilometres wide and 19 kilometres long. The Arabian Sea lies on the west side of the city while the east side has estuaries that are drained by perennial rivers originating in the Western Ghats. Kochi lies at the sea level and has a 48-kilometre long coastline (approximately).
Notes currencies Cards

The currency of India is Indian Rupee (INR). You can withdraw money from ATM’s found across the city. Credit cards are not widely accepted and so make sure you carry enough cash.

Drinking Laws

The legal age for consumption of alcohol in Kerala is 21 years.

Dining Laws

Alcohol will be served only in 5 star hotels and Hotel Abad WILL NOT serve any alcohol.


It’s a common practice to tip waiters at restaurants and cab drivers while sightseeing.


Kochi has a low crime rate and therefore considered relatively safe. However, it’s advisable to always be cautious of your surroundings and avoid visiting isolated areas.

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