TA 101 – Wednesday and Thursday, August 15 – 16, 2018

 TA 101

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and interpersonal relationship providing skills for personal and professional & development. Transactional Analysis is a powerful tool to deal with complex human behavior through models that are easy to understand by the layman. This workshop uses TA in an interesting, non-threatening and above all experiential way to look at yourself and your interactions. It provides an opportunity to re-decide and design your thoughts, feelings and behavior through :

  • Increased awareness of self, other & situation
  • Breaking free of repetitive behavior
  • Managing feelings
  • Improving communication
  • Problem solving
  • Building & sustaining relationships

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who wants to know about and use Transactional Analysis –Counsellors, Teachers, Students, Parents, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Salespersons, Administrators. Managers…. in short anyone who wishes to understand and improve their interactions in personal, professional and social settings.

Susan George, PhD, TSTA (P) & Haseena Abdulla, M.Sc, PTSTA (P)

Susan George

Susan balances in her the roles of an educationist, psychotherapist & trainer. For this, she uses the knowledge & skills she has picked up during her training in Chemistry, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Gestalt, 35 years of teaching and administrative experience at Women’s Christian College, over 20 years of psychotherapy practice, exposure to many countries and people with varied backgrounds and ideas. She conducts TA 101s, a one-year Foundation Course in TA and advanced TA & NLP training for counsellors and therapists. She also facilitates Life Skills Workshops for students, teachers, parents, NGOs, corporate organizations etc.

Haseena Abdulla

Haseena is the founder director of Saaz, Manipal and Director for Project Interventions, Lifelab International.   She is a PostGraduate in Sociology and Psychology and a Master trainer and practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming.   Haseena integrates Gestalt, Hypnotherapy and movement therapy in her work. She has conceived and experimented the unique concept of IDEA indigenous (Integrated Developmental Education Alternative) wherein she has blended psychotherapy in the schooling process. She is specialized and passionate in inculcating resonance in teachers to nurture students with global competencies and appropriate behaviour modification