Realise Your Potential – Sari Van Poelje

Finding meaning and purpose in our life is essential to know how to set direction, focus our energies when faced with challenges and replenish when we hit a low point. This is true personally and professionally.

When we know the ‘why’ figuring out the ‘how and what’ is manageable.

A series of workshops, over 4 days by Sari van Poelje who is coming down from The Netherlands will happen in August 2018. The workshops can be done individually or together (which is recommended). Please click the link given at the bottom of the page for all details.

DAYS 1 and 2

The Hero’s Journey, this two-day process is based on the work of Joseph Campbell is a universal template that all legends follow, be it the Ramayana, Mahabharta, Star Wars or our own lives. The Journey is comprised of twelve steps starting with a call to action, a refusal of the call, answering the call and moving through the various steps to the final integration of your learnings and the bringing back of ‘treasures’ to the world you live in and impact.


Finding Your Purpose follows The Hero’s Journey where you are invited to deepen your personal quest, discover, recalibrate, affirm and gain insight into where you need to go next. It promises to be a transformative experience, this I can confidently say from my own work with Sari this year.


Personal Supervision is open only to TA practitioners who want to work in a smaller group and take their personal and professional journeys further.

About Sari:

Sari van Poelje is a TSTA (O) and is one of the keynote speakers in the Kochi ITAA-SAATA Conference in August.   I’ve attended her keynote speech and symposium in Sydney and found her to be deeply impactful and potent.

For details Click this link: Sari Van Poelje Workshop