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I would say I am a newbie when it comes to the world of TA. I was introduced to TA by one of my friends who insisted that TA 101 is a life changer, and I can vouch with certainty that Eric Berne’s concepts did have a significant effect on me. I made a transition from someone who wouldn’t attempt new things because I believed I was not good enough to sitting here writing this editorial while thinking “let me give a shot at writing the editorial”.

All I know is that I have been wanting to contribute in some way to the SAATA community from quite some time to reciprocate the support and holding space I received from the TA community. When I heard that the SAATA Newsletter is looking for editors, I was thrilled. I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of this warm and enthusiastic team of 6 amazing members (Parul, Manjula, Shruthi, Asha, Deepika – our Newsletter Team). I am blessed to be working closely with two of the most creative minds I know Aruna Gopakumar and Rema Giridhar. The SAATA Executive committee has been very gracious as well, readily responding and ever ready and open to our ideas and providing us all the support we needed to bring this issue live. Thanks a lot! Been a very special experience working with such remarkable people.

In this issue of SAATA Newsletter, you’ll find updates from our executive committee about the changes and happenings of the SAATA world. You will find a very interesting feature TA Talks where our new President, Ragini Rao, is interviewed and she shares her candid thoughts. We also have very interesting personal accounts by Chitra Ravi and Susan George and I won’t spoil the surprise what they wrote about by giving more details. Lokesh, with his Poem “The Three” has added a new dimension to our newsletter! Thanks Lokesh for your creative input. We have some fun crossword and a cartoon quip to keep you engaged.

Hope you enjoy reading this edition of our SAATA Newsletter and let us know what you thought and felt. Do keep writing to us with news. We would like to know what you are up to. Are there any stories that you would like to share with us? Stories of innovation, change, impact or healing? Our community stories help to keep us all connected and proud.

Madhulika Rao
Managing Editor
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Think TAnk
The TA Crossword
arr My experience of being elected as the next President of the ITAA
- Chitra Ravi
arr From our SAATA Past President
- Susan George

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Poem: The Three
In a line like a regimental order,

- Lokesh Rasinkar
- SAATA Newsletter Editorial Team

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