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In Memoriam - Celebration of life, P.K. Saru.

Shruthi Ramagopal
SAATA held a tribute called as “A Celebration of Life” for our beloved PK Saru TSTA (PC) who was the Director of Asha Counseling & Training Services and the Managing Trustee of CHILD. Saru worked closely with many international trainers and teachers of transactional analysis from the time she started her TA journey.

The program for the tribute was beautifully weaved by the SAATA BOT. There were close to 200 people who joined the Zoom call live from many countries. Along with the live tribute, Saru’s Facebook page and other social media accounts were flooded with messages expressing their condolences, grief, and some even shared their most cherished moments spent with Saru.

The opening of the tribute was by our current SAATA President, Ragini Rao.
She shared a beautiful poem and a heartfelt message about how Saru was such an important and integral part of her life. She expressed her mixed feelings about Saru’s loss, which makes her sad and the joy and positivity that Saru brought in all our lives. She shared how she is missing and remembering the smell of her perfume and the warmth of her hug.

Then there was a soulful, beautiful rendition of a prayer song “Maiytreem Bhajatha” by Sai and Ragini. Attendees were moved and felt a sense of being held in this process of grieving.

After this Suriya, Susan, and Chitra from SAATA BOT shared their journey and memories of training with Saru. They shared how their association with Saru was, how special Saru made each one feel, and how she had helped them shed their inhibitions. How she opened her heart, and her home to all her friends. Whether the association was 27 years old or 2 years old, one thing that stood out as a theme was, how significant Saru is to all of us and how her wisdom and her love for life has transformed and inspired so many lives. Prathitha shared how it is so difficult to control tears. How Saru made everyone seen and heard and gave permissions to be. For her, it was a life before Saru and a life after Saru and it is with lot of gratitude that she shared how Saru has been instrumental in her life.

There was a presentation on Saru where her contributions to TA and to individuals were showcased.

After this her friends and colleagues, Elana Leigh, Rosemary Napper, and Robin Fryer, Adrienne Lee, from ITAA shared their memories of Saru. Sharing stories of their experiencing India along with Saru, wearing sarees, and shopping in the streets of Coimbatore.  Many of Saru’s friends from the TA community worldwide attended the live event, shared their messages over the chat window, and Julie Hay even sent a pre-recorded message to be read during the meeting. The power of associations in the TA world came alive and the permissions to express freely was so evident. She had a big heart, radiant smile and she will be missed.

There was a tribute from Shaheen who spoke for the entire Bangladesh TA community expressing how Saru was instrumental in setting up the TA community in Bangaldesh and how her teaching and personality will be cherished forever. There was a Bengali song sung by Nasima, which was heart-warming and translation was provided for everyone to relate to the song.

After which members from Saru’s Family spoke about their close association and how Saru was always so open to receive love and give love. Quasar (Son of Saru), shared how she had her own prejudices but she was genuine and that’s why she was loved by so many people. She loved people and she loved people who loved her. Quasar also shared how it was a huge loss for him and the family and there was anger too expressed that she left so soon. There was a wish that Saru’s work can be taken forward and continued on. Borzu Abdi shared his experience with Saru, how she had been a big influence. Mansur, her son, shared what stood out for him was her personality, the genuineness and the sincerity with which she undertook anything. She did everything with full heart. She had an elegant personality. He bid her a loving adieu. Aysha, (Niece of Saru) reiterated how Saru had touched so many lives.

Rema created a great rendition of Saru’s life showcased as a video full of zest and creativity.

Surangini Song, which was one of Saru’s favourite was sung to mark the closure of the tribute. Everyone remembered Saru fondly and were spellbound and reminiscing for the rest of the evening.

Rosemary lead us through the agenda with ease and grace and gave a fitting vote of thanks to everyone present - the TA community, ITAA and SAATA members, friends, and family. Everyone left the event with moist eyes and cherished moments that they spent with Saru.


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