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The article on OVERTHINKING THINKING OR UNDER THINKING by Kiran, Gives a glimpses of my own experience in listening, when Be Perfect Driver contemplates and shrouds the listening process, later on, the realisation on the part of ignoring the entire conversation by the group, and on realising that, operating from the Child ego state driver Be perfect, later  resolving (by analytic skill) from Adult state, Thanks for the suggestion from this article, hereafter I I'll check the context (and the intend are) from Adult state, therefore I learn without distraction.

The article on ATTITUDE CHANGE, revisits the understanding of ego states, and how both Positive and negative attitude is aptly connected with the Life positions. Ragini s elaboration on, practising it for personal development is a valuable version for an individual who wants the change.

THE CHILD IS THE FATHER OF THE MAN- Children teach us the basics on keeping things simple and let go. Ravi s short verbatim gives an essential information on Be happy.

Mathangi s lovely way of connecting and describing her travelling experience with her ego states and drivers , literally took me to Japan along with TA. JAPAN NALLA JAPAN.

LOVE ONLINE- The  online dating app has something to contribute virtually  and yet how it can be misused on relationship issues,  I loved the way Rizwana  conferred the points  with relevant examples and also assimilate the information from the client to therapeutic evaluation. She has given classical examples for each personality, in an easy understanding way.

Bhavani Shankar s TRANSFORMATION and understanding his spouse, in his life journey through TA., It is evidently proportionate on “when I transform so do the other model me” gives another reflections on my thoughts on where do I stand?

To conclude, each article has given me a valuable information on TA concepts in each one's experiential  approach.

Thank you all.. Wish you all for many more learning and sharing.

Warm regards,
Nalina V

Enjoyed reading the newsletter, easily flowing, engaging and warming the reader regarding what to expect !! Celebration of yourself beautifully weaved in true TA spirit! Got to know more about you Srinath through this expression of yours !!  

Warm regards,
Supriya Rajagopalan

Thank you for including me on the mailing list for your newsletter. I loved receiving it. What a wonderful job you have done!

I enjoyed your editorial, Srinath, and I laughed several times reading the things others said about each of you in the team. The one about you, Mohan, seemed just perfect! That is how I would describe you too.

And Saru's and Shobana's articles were both quite moving. I appreciated them sharing their experiences like that.

I'd say you've gotten off to a terrific start, and I look forward eagerly to reading the upcoming issues as they come out.

Warm regards,
Robin Fryer
ITAA Managing Editor, Script and TAJ

  • Vibrant, clear layout that can be easily navigated
  • Appropriate coverage conference and MLL with pictures and experience of participants
  • Enjoyed Kousalaya's candid description of her experience of MLL over the years
  • Our TA journey is an invitation to both TA and non-TA readers to explore change
  • Creative Corner – would be lovely to have something in every issue. Plan to get continuous contributions
  • Creative introduction of the Team and including the professional too!

Creative, committed work! Looking forward to more !
Kudos to the team!

Susan George
President, SAATA

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the newsletter. It was a treat to the eyes and feast to the mind!
The design is elegant; colour scheme is pleasant; font size, type and spacing is just right!
Contents are of varied range which gives every reader something to ponder and learn.
Good balance of information, news and personal accounts.
The creative, cool and irreverent style of the intro to editorial team was the highlight. It testifies the young energy infused into SAATA which is much needed and highly welcome.
A total package! Excellent job so well done! I'm very happy and proud at this accomplishment of you all!

Suriya Prakash
Trustee, South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts
Member, International Transactional Analysis Association

The layout of the newsletter is colorful, simple and attractive.
The sections of the newsletter is very structured and clear for the reader. I also like the separation of regional, global news. The newsletter is light read, informative and high quality

Can the Newsletter include:
  • NON TA conferences/events where one could go and present or participate - to spread TA community
  • Important Dates section
  • Announcements of Exam results, we dont have to wait for event
Deepak Dhananjay

Awesome guys, great going. Very happy to see the output. KUDOS

Priya Veeraragavan

SAATA Newsletter looks beautiful and pleasant. Easy to navigate and spot info. Great Work!!
Loved the team write up!!!!

Karuna Guruprasad

Feedback for January 2018 Issue
The diversity of the authors and subjects. Visually appealing and simple readable layout. Tongue in cheek, cool, informal tone of some pieces. Creative corner is a good opportunity for diverse contribution, not necessarily writing. The audio interview is a great innovation. The international flavour. A dynamic package for the serious and the casual reader!

Suriya Prakash
Trustee, South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts
Member, International Transactional Analysis Association

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Feedback Received
Thank you for including me on the mailing list for your newsletter. I loved receiving it. What a wonderful job you have done!
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