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Glimpses from the SAATA Annual General Meeting

We must risk delight.
We can do without pleasure,
but not delight.
Not enjoyment.
We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.

 - Jack Gilbert

This AGM held on January 22, 2021, was one such evening where gladness was part of the itinerary as we looked at the year gone by with gratitude and pride, celebrated victories and awards, shared and rejoiced together.

SAATA President, Ragini Rao called the meeting to order and presented the happenings in and by SAATA for the year 2020 and the plan for future. This was followed by reports presented by the Secretary, C Suriyaprakash, Treasurer, Haseena Abdulla, and the respective Division VPs.

1) We are growing. New appointments:

  1. Krishnan Madhabushi, VP-Development
  2. Veena Sethuraman, EC-Development
  3. Prathitha Gangadharan, be appointed as a new member of the Board of Trustee.

Here's introducing the whole committee:

  1. Trustee and President, Ragini Rao
  2. Trustee and Past President, Susan George
  3. Trustee and Secretary, C Suriyaprakash
  4. Trustee and Treasurer, Haseena Abdulla
  5. Trustee and VP-Operations, Prathitha Gangadharan
  6. Trustee and VP-T&E, Sailaja Manacha
  7. Trustee and VP-R&P, Aruna Gopakumar
  8. VP-Development, Krishnan Madhabushi
  9. Trustee, I A Mohanraj
  10. Trustee, K Raguraman
  11. Jt. Secretary, Rosemary Kurian
  12. Jt. Treasurer, G S Rajarajeswari
  13. EC T&E, Deepak Dhananjaya
  14. EC R&P, Nisha Rao
  15. EC Development, Veena Sethuraman
  16. EC Operations, Guruprasad Krishnan

2) SAATA Service Award for the year 2020 was presented to Rema Giridhar for her initiative and commitment to serving SAATA in various capacities and roles.

3) Annual Honorary Membership - A new category of membership is constituted considering requests from international Trainers. This is open to Transactional Analysis Trainers outside the SAATA region, and the BOT will consider the request on a case-by-case basis and decide on offering the membership based on their contribution to SAATA’s growth. A maximum of two such new memberships can be awarded every year.

4) Research news: SAATA has initiated a study to assess the impact of the Diploma exam on students of advanced Transactional Analysis Training. Encouraging members to take up opportunities to research their own spaces of work and application. Please write to SAJTA with your articles.

5) This is for the member's information:  The Training and Exams division is now renamed as Professional Standards Committee.

6) Exam celebrations: The joy of walking down the aisle to collect the certificates was missed but what emerged in this virtual celebration were many stories of amaze, accomplishments, excitement, and gratitude by the certificate awardees.


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