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All of us strive to achieve great things in life and are constantly working towards them. We sometimes struggle as we try to do everything by ourselves. To achieve success in life, we need to rely on collective efforts; to rely on community, friends, and teammates who are there with us. We need to be connected and surrounded by a strong team, like a coach/mentor, supervisors, friends, therapists/counselors, our TA community, and our family members.

With a strong team around us and consistent excellent work, we can achieve anything in our life.

Being a part of the SAATA community generates this same feeling of support and understanding for me.

As I reminisce on my association with TA and SAATA, I am feeling nostalgic and wondering about how instrumental everyone has been in my personal growth journey. I can very distinctly remember my first TA 101 with Saru to clearing my diploma exam and taking this journey further with my awesome trainers and study buddies.

This edition of the newsletter showcases how SAATA has worked closely with all the certified trainers & global members coming together for various events starting with MLL to celebrate life through the lens of Physis. This closeness goes further and spills into the happy faces at the SAATA AGM meeting, through the continued focus on TA by hosting mindfulness talk by Linn Brynildsen & TA talks by Susan George. Everything that we do shows how we rejoice and function as a community.

Please help me welcome the new President Elect - Aruna Gopakumar. Aruna has been dedicated to help SAATA grow to new heights and SAATA editorial congratulates her on this well-deserved selection.

Every community thrives on appreciation and SAATA Professional Excellence Award 2021 is one such celebration of great work that is done by community members. Susan George received the award this year and she lives by the principles of the SAATA community bringing in harmony, wisdom, and growth for SAATA through the years.

Exam Excellence Experiences shared by our members always leaves me in awe with the diverse thinking that is ingrained in our community. Do read the experiences shared by Priya Veeraghavan, Sushma Ramachandran, and Nisha Rao.

Have fun in our Creative Corner with an original poem by Rajpreet Kaur called “An Ode to TA” and spend some time solving the word puzzle we have for you. Read the book review by Asha Raghavan of the book titled “The Body Keeps the Score”

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Madhulika Rao , Managing Editor
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From the Editorial Desk




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