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The last 2 years were mostly spent indoors, somber and dispirited due to the pandemic. The festivals which are the soul of India had come to a full stop. I specially like this November edition of our SAATA Newsletter as I feel that the air is filled with enthusiasm, love and aroma of celebrations. This time, citizens across the country celebrated the “festival of lights”, by lighting oil lamps and decorating homes and cities with strings of twinkling lights to symbolize the victory of light over darkness. It was a true way to let loose and see the inner wishes come alive after two years of muted celebration.

In the same way that people celebrated 2022 festivals with great fervour, SAATA also had a strong year with a lot of work done towards growing the community, teachings, and philosophy of Transactional Analysis.

In this edition, Ragini – our poised and beautiful SAATA President pens down her thoughts about how the last 6 months have been phenomenal for SAATA. She is looking forward to welcome a new President our very own Research and Development VP, Aruna Gopakumar in 2023. However, that’s not all folks, MLL is a face-to-face event happening in Bangalore. Block your seats because the seats are limited and have the reputation of being gone with the wind! You blink and MLL slots are over!

I am very excited to hear how Operations team solved SAATA membership issues by giving us the ease of automated & reliable Zoho Subscriptions. Check out the updates in TA NEWS section.

The Research and Development Team is going steady and taking great strides with their research project on Depression. I am excited to read the case studies as they are made available. Great work from client consents to substantial quantitative and quantitative data.

There were some thought-provoking and heart-touching lectures that were hosted by our very own SAATA Development team. The intention to let mental well-being take centre stage in an expansive way is very much required step at this juncture. What better than social media to make your mark! Thank you, for doing incredible work.

PSD is busy making SAATA's credentials relevant for the region it represents. They had 10 diploma exams and 1 advanced diploma exam in 2022. Congratulations to each one of you who passed their exams in 2022 from the SAATA editorial desk. Thank you, PSD team for all the thoughtful work.

Have fun in our Creative Corner with the Racket feelings word game we have for you. Grab a cup of coffee and read the musings by Sangeetha Dilipkumar. Don’t miss the pre-book launch review by Asha Raghavan of the book titled “And how do you feel about that?” written by our own TA fraternity - Aruna Gopakumar and Yashodhara Lal! Wishing them both tremendous success on this one!

I will leave you with my favourite quote “The more you celebrate your life, the more you have to celebrate in life.” – Ophrah Winfrey.

Madhulika Rao
Managing Editor
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From the Editorial Desk



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