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MLL 2020 / Elana Leigh Workshop

It is time for our next MLL and we look forward to receiving your registrations for MLL 2020 – January 11-12, 2020 at Coimbatore.

Like last year we will limit numbers to between 60-70 so that we can have effective smaller learning groups.

This year we also look forward to hearing what your needs are. So please do make your choices (First & Second preferences) in the form while registering. This is important because it helps the trainers plan the event better so that your needs are attended.

We also have a 1 day workshop on Unconscious Processes by Elana Leigh TSTA(P), post the MLL – details available here:

Exams Update - Sailaja Manacha TSTA (P)


Ex(citing)ams times ahead!

As is usual between October and December each year, we are looking forward to receiving several Adv. Diploma and Diploma submissions from now till the end of 2019. And of course, we are excitedly looking forward to celebrate the trainees who will receive their certificates at the MLL 2020 !

In preparation for these exciting times, we conducted workshops for the exam markers - one on July 4th for the Pilot Diploma exam markers and one on October 2nd for the Advanced Diploma markers. Both workshops gave markers a good overview of marking and exam standards.

Here’s wishing all the trainees and markers the best of luck this exams season !

Sailaja Manacha
VP - Training and Examination

SAATA Journal - Call for Submissions

Nisha Rao

Dear SAATA Member,

We are Inviting articles from TA and other mental health professionals for SAJTA - The South Asian Journal of Transactional Analysis, an initiative of SAATA - The South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts.

Theme for the January 2020 issue is 'Diversity in Transactional Analysis'

We are accepting submissions until 30th November, so those with an idea under your hat or a written plan already underway, make sure to send in your work soon to

Nisha Rao
Managing Editor, SAJTA

SAATA Conference 2020 - Deepak Dhananjaya CTA (P)



a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.

SAATA Conference 2020 will be held in Bangalore on 26th and 27th of September.

In the current political context of the world, I wonder if Transactional Analysis as a shared interest is sufficient for SAATA to organise a conference? I suppose not, as we have many opinions and groups which cannot be discounted. That’s when we (conference committee) started brainstorming on ways to include as many diverse and varied realities as we can. That means, there would be differences and possibilities of experiencing and integrating many realities when majority and minorities (from aspects of age, gender, sexuality, socio economic status, theoretical models, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc) meet together. What a place to do all this if not in the transactional analysis community. Hence we want to hold the conference with the theme “#Inclusion: Experiencing differences and Integrating varied realities”.  I am delighted as the convenor of the conference to work with this theme and truly bring its spirit alive. We have an enthusiastic conference core group which is formed and working efficiently towards making this conference a success. Success for us is when we can face varied opinions and realities with respect and hold the discomfort, excitement and build new narratives as outcome of the conference. There are LGBTQ, women and men meetings planned as part of the conference, exciting and fun events, and much more. I on behalf of the conference core group formally invite you to block your calendars in September and bring all parts of you and experience the spirit of being together. 

SAATA Trainers' Process Group & Planning Meet - Prathitha Gangadharan PTSTA (P)

Date: 17th – 19th of July 2019.
Venue: Ashirvad, Bengaluru, India.

Attendees: Anisha Pandya, Annie Cariappa, Aruna Gopakumar, Chitra Ravi, Deepak Dhananjaya, Haseena Abdullah, Jalaja Pillai, Joy Roshan, Prathitha Gangadharan, Ragini Rao, Raguraman K, Sailaja Manacha, Seema Pradhan, Suriyaprakash C and Susan George.
As trainers and the de facto organization running SAATA and TA training in India under the banner of ITAA, we need to be able to work with mutual differences, functionally. A process group workshop, under the skilled facilitation of John Heath (TSTA, Psychotherapy), was agreed as the means to address this. Being a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and having worked as an Educational Psychologist before training in TA, John brought all his facilitation expertise together to hold us and help us grow through this experience.

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Ethics Workshop - Susan George TSAT (P) and Suriyaprakash C TSTA (O)

Susan George and C. Suriyaprakash ran a one day workshop on ethics for SAATA members at Ashirvad, Bangalore on Saturday, September 21, 2019. There were 12 participants.

The workshop started with self-introduction by the participants followed by a visualisation and creative exercise to represent in a symbolic manner, what ethics meant to each of them. The participants were later asked to think of an ethical dilemma they faced recently, and what values they considered while resolving the dilemma. 

The objectives of the workshop were presented and the participants' needs were also noted to clarify the contract for the day.

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