Newsletter Advertisement Policy

Programs that are offered by SAATA (like the “TA” conference or MLL, for example) can be seamlessly integrated within the newsletter through brochures, and write-ups. The rationale is that SAATA benefits from such advertising through increased awareness, conference ticket sales etc.

The same guideline applies to events organised by other TA associations like ITAA, EATA, SATAA, ATAA etc as there are indirect benefits to SAATA from such events. E.g: the World TA conference 2017 co-hosted by ITAA and EATA in Berlin.

Programs offered by individuals or companies that are not TA associations, come under the category of “sponsored advertisements”, as the entity offering the program stands to benefit from increased awareness and enrolments enabled through the newsletter. This will be a chargeable service.

Proposal for fees: The advertisement tariff will be fixed by the SAATA Board Of Trustees (BOT) on case by case basis. The content and design of the advertisement must be sent to and the pricing will be decided thereafter. Upon mutual agreement, the advertisement will be published in the newsletter.

Advertisements will not be archived.