Exemption from the SAATA diploma exam


The SAATA Diploma was launched in April 2011 and the SAATA Advanced Diploma in September 2014. One of the criteria for writing the Advanced Diploma Examination is that the Diploma has to be completed ( Pg 3 of the SAATA Advanced Diploma Handbook)

SAATA recognizes that there are TA trainees in the SAATA region who have been in TA Training for over 5 years and are preparing for the CTA Examination.   In order to support them in this process, we encourage them to complete the SAATA Advanced Diploma. To make this possible, SAATA is announcing a limited-period exemption that allows a candidate to apply for the SAATA Advanced Diploma Examination without having written the SAATA Diploma Examination.

The exemption is not an entitlement and the number of years in TA training or application does not automatically allow for it.

PERIOD of Exemption: Effective from 01November 2014 to 31 December 2015


The candidate has-

  1. been in active training at least from April 2011 to date of application.
  2. completed a minimum of five years of TA Training inclusive of two years of application in their chosen field of specialisation.
  3. been in regular contact with the primary supervisor, who is willing to endorse that candidate has met all the combined requirements of Diploma & Advanced Diploma.
  4. been a SAATA Member of good standing for the past 3 years.



  1. The application of the candidate, the endorsement by the primary supervisor and supporting documents are sent as a pdf to the Vice President – Training & Examinations (VP –T&E) and the SAATA Office. The candidate is to retain a copy.
  2. The VP-T&E will appoint a panel of three TA trainers, other than the candidate’s trainer who will arrive at a decision on the exemption.
  3. The VP-T&E will communicate the decision to the candidate, stating clear reasons for accepting or denying the application.
  4. The required fee for the exemption of Rs. 1500/- has to be remitted to the SAATA office, once the exemption has been approved.