TA: An Elegant Theory



A great deal of research and theorizing in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry corroborates certain aspects of transactional theory and practice. While we found a limited number of “hard” studies that directly support transactional analysis theory or practice, there are many methodologies and projects that provide “soft” corroboration for transactional analysis ideas. Many theoretical concepts and practical techniques that did not exist before Berne introduced them have been assimilated into the professional fields of psychotherapy, counseling, education, and consulting, most often without knowledge that Berne was their innovator.

The principal contribution that transactional analysis can make for behavioral professionals is to knit together under one comprehensive system a theoretical and practical framework that can help psychologists, counselors, educators, and consultants to coordinate and extend their knowledge in an information-based, systematic, and elegant manner.

The interested student or professional can find a great deal of additional information about transactional analysis and related subjects on the Internet. Most of the concepts featured between quotes in this article will generate long lists of references on a search engine. In addition, the International Transactional Analysis Association maintains an extensive website (www.itaaworld.org) with basic and advanced information.

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