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What about Games?

Berne’s (l964) book “Games People Play” was a best-seller in the mid-sixties, perhaps because of the catchy titles of the “games” he listed. I do not recommend this book except for the introductory chapter which summarizes transactional analysis theory, because I think it trivializes behavior and does not distinguish between racketeering and games. After its publication, Berne modified his early definition of games by emphasizing that there has to be a switch of ego state by one or both parties before the final, concluding crossed transaction.

In my opinion it is not necessary to struggle with details about games. The aforementioned descriptions of Undersure and Oversure third degree racketeers, and how frustration about not receiving the desired strokes for their rackets may lead to a switch of ego state, and, thereby, to a final crossed transaction, (possibly with violence,) adequately describes the process. Different games are simply variations on the Oversure and Undersure kinds of complementary transactions ending with a crossed transaction as mentioned earlier (English, l977a).

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  1. This is the first time that I heard about this South Asian TA Association.

    Presently I am a member of ITAA. I am here residing in the Philippines.

    How can I be member of SAATA?

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