Mission and Vision

SAATA Vision
SAATA is the nodal body of South Asia for networking and developing professional competencies in Transactional Analysis

SAATA Purpose

To provide a professional identity to Transactional Analysts in the South Asian region and to represent this region in the global Transactional Analysis community

  • To promote cooperation in the South Asian region in the field of Transactional Analysis
  • To promote professional knowledge and research in Transactional Analysis, to develop its theory, and to ensure agreed standards of training and practice
  • To ensure that the Transactional Analysis training and examination process and the professional code of ethics are relevant to the regional social, political, cultural, economic and market conditions
  • To synthesise Eastern Philosophy and Culture into Transactional Analysis theory, training and practice SAATA Role

For the implementation of its purposes, SAATA will, in particular:

  • Work to ensure conformity to agreed standards of training, examination and practise of Transactional Analysis in South Asia
  • Encourage the participation of Transactional Analysis practitioners, associations and institutions
  • Facilitate South Asian Transactional Analysis associations and institutions to coordinate their activities, like conferences and publications by facilitating communication between them
  • Organize regional, national and international conferences in Transactional Analysis
  • Provide information by way of publications and the diffusion of documents and texts
  • Translate works and documents of Transactional Analysis into regional languages
  • Encourage the professional practice of Transactional Analysis
  • Support scientific research into the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis
  • Promote contacts with persons and organisations in fields allied with Transactional Analysis specialization
  • Establish and regulate necessary systems to uphold professional ethics in trainers, trainees and practitioners


Short Term Goals

  • All Certified Members in the region (TSTA’s, PTSTA’s and CTA’s) and their trainees will be the members of SAATA
  • Bring together under one umbrella all practicing Transactional Analysis professionals in the region to foster synergy
  • Design a training and examination handbook to suit the regional needs
  • To design and offer courses in Transactional Analysis in between the TA101 and CTA to suit the local requirements and certify those who fulfill the requirements

Long Term Goals

  • To be a full-fledged equal partner in the global Transactional Analysis community
  • To get its training and examination process mutually recognised by the global Transactional Analysis certifying bodies
  • To get SAATA courses recognised by regional, national and global institutions including universities and government regulatory bodies