Transactional Analysis offers us both a theory and a methodology, which are underpinned by a sound philosophy.

Through the decades there have been many changes within the Transactional Analysis community, one of them being the shift away from techniques and solution focused work towards working with the unconscious theories and practice.

In this MLL we will examine and explore the following:

• Definitions and understanding about the terms “tools and techniques” • An overview of approaches in Transactional Analysis-past and present • The changes and shifts through the decades within Transactional Analysis • The thinking behind some of these changes • What happened to the techniques from the 80’s? Have we thrown the baby out with the

bathwater? • How can we reincorporate some of the old techniques and methods into contemporary
thinking and practice?

It’s not what we do but how we think about what we do, and what our intentions are behind our actions.

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  • Elana Leigh, TSTA(P)
  • Saru P K, TSTA(P)
  • S Sashi Chandran, TSTA(E)
  • Suriyaprakash C, TSTA(O)
  • Susan George, TSTA(P)
  • Alexandra Piotrowska, PTSTA(P)
  • Anna Chandy, PTSTA(C)
  • Chitra Ravi, PTSTA(P)
  • Geethan A, PTSTA(P)
  • John Savage, PTSTA(P)
  • Marina Rajan Joseph, PTSTA(E)
  • Mohanraj I A, PTSTA(O)
  • Ragini Rao, PTSTA(P)
  • Sebastian K A, PTSTA(O)


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