Meet the Newsletter Team

Aruna Gopakumar, PTSTA(P)

VP-Research & Publication
And am on the team because…
“I believe I have the ability to keep the SAATA community engaged through the newsletter.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I can work without a break for years! I can get people excited about ideas. I started cooking only after the pandemic and pleasantly surprised everyone. I can sleep for 9 hours everyday.”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“TV serials, chaat, yoga, oil massages, Sunday afternoon naps, Cubbon park walks, evening drink with friends, getting started on new program designs, meeting interesting people, running, yoga, dancing, attending workshops in exotic locations and ever since the pandemic – cooking!”
And some of mine are…
“People coming late! Personal questions. Comments about looks including “you look tired”. People talking on the phones in movie theatres. Being stereotyped as a “trainer”, loud music, honking, people training in TA but not wanting to certify.”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…
“She reverse ages (she looks younger than she did in her college days) (by my batchmates)
She has a fetish for quirky earrings (beware – she may whack them off you)
She describes making guacamole dip as passionately as TA theories
She falls asleep at 9:30 (sometimes at the dining table with guests around)
She breaks into bhangra with glee
She tries out new cocktails with excitement
She gets drunk at the thought of alcohol – no need to even sip it
She tries things enthusiastically (like beat boxing, playback theatre)
She rises with the early bird and sips green tea,
She is the queen of thought provoking questions
She has the wonderment and enthusiasm of a young teen with memory and knowledge of the ancient wise.”

Shruthi Ramagopal

And am on the team because…
“I enjoy connecting with like-minded people, and engaging in service to TA community by spreading it to a wider audience.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I am punctilious, I smile throughout (even when crying ;)), I can munch on namkeens for hours together.”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“Pyjamas, coffee, cheese, transparent communication, beaches, sunset, pets, happy old couples …!”
And some of mine are…
“Eating, chewing, drinking sounds drive me crazy!! (Imagine me in cinema theatre plugging my ears).”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…

“That I am a perfectionist.
That I need to know THE TRUTH always.
That I can talk so low on phone that even the person beside me can’t hear.
That I’m nit-picky.
That I’m a good listener.
That I appear calm and composed (whatever havoc is happening inside me).
That I never have to comb my hair (it magically sets by itself).
That I always choose dull/pastel colours.
That I’m very sensitive.
That I have a dog’s nose (super sense of smell)
That I’m a spoilsport.”

Deepika Mahidhara

And am on the team because …
“I like to participate in increasing awareness of TA as a powerful tool for – mental health, personal and professional self-care and transformation.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“Currently I’ll say interviewing folks / having online conversations. I write and am good at conceptualising, creating and curating content and executing social media marketing campaigns and I would like to bring these skills to the SAATA Newsletter initiatives too.”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“Early mornings, hot tea made by me to my exact taste (in the absence of my boyfriend who makes it perfectly), hot baths, loose clothes, intercity drives solo or with an individual who will not ask for the wheel unless I offer, reading fiction or true stories unrelated to anything I’m studying or working on, exercise – swimming, long brisk walks, long slow jogs, skipping and lots of stretching, writing anything that comes to my mind in my private notebook, continuously writing till I feel I’ve let all thoughts out for the moment, conversations about feelings, cooking for people I love and then watching them eat, also having an alcoholic beverage as I cook… this somehow always makes my food taste better and I’m not much of a drinker otherwise anymore (I haven’t figured out the “why”). My comfort food is Avakai / Gongura-Red chilli pickle with piping hot white rice and ghee, followed by curd rice with lime pickle. In the absence of either, it’s spicy desi potato wafer and fresh lime soda salt / Thumbs Up…!”
And some of mine are…
“Making PowerPoint presentations (I enjoy putting together the content and make the presentation but not making the PPT slides itself!), video editing, graphic design and the likes, bringing elaborate conversations about Mathematics in the understanding of music (I get that they are inseparable but I don’t like to over-intellectualise it as long as I get my taalam, swaram and pitch right, that’s enough for me).”

Asha Raghavan

And am on the team because …
“Love for the written word and the journey of TAAA.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I have the urge to explore anything new!”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“Nature, plants, gardening, good food, reading, diy crafts, forest walks …!”
And some of mine are…
“Mess and disarray, plastic smiles, know-it-alls.”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…

“How do you manage to do it?
You are an inspiration for us!
Are you a dancer ?
You remind me of someone I know.
Love that cheerful smile!
Really … you are Mallu !
Where do you find the time to do this?”

Madhulika Rao

Managing Editor
And am on the team because …
“Team energy and the different perspectives a team brings motivates me to be part of a team.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I engage in home-organization (read frantic cleaning on alternate weekends); having fun with colouring books, dancing as if no-one cares (in this case I don’t care).”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“I love food, giggling, experimenting with new things from climbing Himalayas to beauty pageants to spirituality. Dogs, turtles, fIowers, greenery, solo traveling and group traveling and family traveling. Emojis …!”
And some of mine are…
“Maid not turning up makes me really uncomfortable. I hate when people open and close doors with a bang. I dislike routine.”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…
“That I make emoji faces when I concentrate
That I make kick-ass ginger chai
That I can drink like boys
That I am crazy
That I am stingy and overly generous (same person made 2 contrasting unrelated statements)
That I wear too much lipstick
That I am the only one who can burn chai 🙂
That I am ‘dabang!”

Manjula Loganathan

And am on the team because …
“I enjoy working together as a Team and learning new things.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I love story-telling…. you ask me how I am.. can tell you a story :-).”
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“traveling – Wish to be a nomad one day. I love reading books when it rains, when it’s cloudy or when am on mountains.”
And some of mine are…
“Dieting, people being cautious about calories.”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…

“That sometimes I start a sentence without knowing where it will end
That I go high on cold coffees
That I go in search of lemon sodas whenever am traveling
That I put things in a “safe place” then can’t find them when I desperately need them
That I’m a bit claustrophobic and don’t like corners
That I answer questions with a question
That I love cooking when am stressed
The childhood habit that I could never give up is climbing trees
That I remember people well if we have had a conversation about food or travel.”

Parul Arora

And am on the team because …
“I am really enjoying my journey as a SAATA member and am keen to contribute to the community in my way – the newsletter is one of the things that brings us together.“
Some of my ‘you-ness’ for you…
“I laugh loudly and freely often at silly, small things. I am a hugger and hug people without warning. My special talent is to be the blingiest person in any room.
And my pursuit of happiness involves…
“traveling, shopping, movies, reading and doing nothing.”
And some of mine are…
“Disloyalty and when people don’t apply themselves”
Some quirkiest things people have said about me are…

“Only 36 changes for 12 days – did you travel light?”
Don’t call her before noon, she is a better person then
Don’t plan to sleep if she is planning the trip
She is always on time – 30 minutes later
Don’t try to surprise her please
I knew it was you from your hair
You have to come here! It’s a really boring party!
“What did you do now
I have a fancy dress party to go to – can I raid your cupboard?
Don’t mess with her”.