SAJTA – South Asian Journal of Transactional Analysis

The SAJTA journal (formerly known as “SAATA Journal) is a peer-reviewed e-journal focusing on Transactional Analysis  theory, principles and application in the four fields of psychotherapy, counselling, education and organizational development. The intention is to invite Transactional Analysis trainers and trainees to articulate their learnings, applications and innovations in Transactional Analysis theory and practice in our region. This e-journal is published starting August 2015.

Current Issue

SAJTA Volume 5, Number 2: July, 2019

Previous Issues

SAJTA Volume 5, Number 1: January, 2019

SAJTA Volume 4, Number 2: July, 2018

SAJTA Volume 4, Number 1: January, 2018

SAATA Journal Volume 3, Number 1: January, 2017

SAATA Journal Volume 2, Number 2: August, 2016

SAATA Journal Volume 2, Number 1: January, 2016

SAATA Journal Volume 1, Number 1: August, 2015