TA 101 – Program Details

The official TA101 Course: Purpose, Requirements and Certification

The TA101 course is the official introduction to transactional analysis. Its purpose is to provide consistent and accurate information about TA concepts.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify as a TA101 course recognized by the ITAA:

  • The course content must include content as specified in Section 4.2 of the ITAA Training and Examinations Handbook
  • The course must be at least twelve hours long
  • TA101 instructors must be officially recognized; so they must be
    – a Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a Provisional Teaching Transactional Analyst, or
    – a CTA who is endorsed as a TA101 Instructor.

Learners who participate in the whole course are awarded the TA101 Certificate. This is awarded by the ITAA.

Note: Programmes are listed for the purpose of information only. SAATA does not promote or endorse individuals, organisations, groups or programmes other than those offered by SAATA.

Programme Details:



S.No. Date Trainer Venue City Phone Number Email ID URL
1 18th – 20th (3 days) February, 2021 Ragini Rao TSTA (P) Online Bangalore 8072129158 learning@infinumgrowth.com Click here to register
2 19th, 20th and 28th February, 2021 Sailaja Manacha TSTA (P) Online Bangalore sailaja@physis.co.in
3  23-24 March 2021 Aruna Gopakumar, PTSTA (P) Online aruna.navgati@gmail.com
4  23-24 April 2021 Chitra Ravi, TSTA (P) Online Bangalore 9845015085 chitra.seed@gmail.com
5 1-2 May 2021 Joy Roshan, PTSTA (P) Online Bangalore 9900063215 joyroshan@gmail.com https://tinyurl.com/ytuc7k6c
6 20-22 May 2021 Ragini Rao Online Bangalore 8072129158 https://learning.infinumgrowth.com/events/ta-101-online-workshop-in-transactional-analysis-20th-22nd-may21/
7 28-29 May 2021 Chitra Ravi Online Banglore 9845015085 chitra.seed@gmail.com http://seedtlc.com/ta101/ta-101-may-28-29-2021-online-workshop-2/
8 29-30 May 2021 Dr.Susan George Zoom Chennai 7795949711 tascmadras@gmail.com https://goo.gl/forms/Algycxdz7NZDknUM2
9 3-6 June 2021 Haseena Abdulla PTSTA Online 9746679918 contact@lifelabintl.com
10 8-9 June 2021 Aruna Gopakumar, PTSTA (P) Online aruna.navgati@gmail.com
11 3-4 July 2021 Joy Roshan, PTSTA (P) Online Banglore 9900063215 joyroshan@gmail.com https://tinyurl.com/ytuc7k6c
12 2-3-4 July 2021 Sailaja Manacha Zoom NA 9845129455 sailaja@physis.co.in www.physis.co.in
13 10-11 August 2021 Aruna Gopakumar, PTSTA (P) Online aruna.navgati@gmail.com
14 13-14 August 2021 Chitra Ravi Online Bangalore 9845015085 chitra.seed@gmail.com Click here to register